Your boyfriend tells you he wants to put your relationship on hold for a while. This will naturally cause you to be surprised and upset. All you can think of is losing the man you love. So, you try to tell him how much you love him and need him. Then you become desperate and scream you can’t live without him. These actions will not make him change his mind.

Your ex boyfriend expected you to cry and plea for him to change his mind. When you do exactly what he expected you to do, he can maintain complete control. However, if you want your ex boyfriend to change his mind about the breakup, you have to shock him as much as he has shocked you. You can’t do that by letting him have control. Instead you must say the magic words that will make him change his mind.

Yes, there are magic words you can say to completely turn the situation around. When you say these words your ex boyfriend will be as stunned as you were when he told you he wanted to put the relationship on hold. You can have him standing with his mouth open in shock. You can actually make him feel like he is the one who is being dumped and soon he will be the on the defensive.

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Many times when a man tells you he wants to put a hold on things, that is not exactly what he means. He wants you to stay put and be there when he wants you, but he intends to be free. Your ex boyfriend wants to date other women and lead the single life for a while, but he doesn’t want to lose you. As long as he can be sure you are waiting for him, you will never get him back.

You can make your ex boyfriend regret the minute he told you he wanted to put things on hold. You can turn him into the one who will be chasing you and begging you to forgive him. You can do all of this but saying two magic words. Those words are “I Agree.” These words have the power to stop a man in his tracks. He won’t believe what he is hearing.

The best time to say these words are at the time of the breakup, but you may be too stunned to do anything but cry. That won’t keep you from using these words later and they can have the same powerful effect on your ex boyfriend. You can send him an email or text message and just say that after you have thought things over, you agree he is right. Then do not have any contact with your ex boyfriend for a while.

The psychology behind the words “I Agree” is this. A man will always go after what he thinks he has lost. Making your ex boyfriend feel you slipping away from him, is the easiest way to make him start chasing you again. He will also have more respect for you and realize you are not a girl who can be put on hold.

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