Applying For Disability Benefits? Let The Battle Begin!

By Carla C. Ballatan

Ever since our childish squabbles with bullies in our schools, we have known that it is quite difficult to launch a battle with someone bigger than we are. However, if we look back in the pages of history, even in mythological stories and fairy tales, we can learn a thing or two about fighting epic battles.

In these stories, the anti-hero is usually portrayed as bigger and much better equipped. Still, the heroes, who are oftentimes diminutive and has no capacity to obtain good resources, won the battles. What made them win? Because of their hearts and souls did not accept failure or losing. They faced their enemies and predicaments with strength of determination. In the end, they prevailed.

In cases of our real life struggles, perhaps we can learn a thing or two about the stories we have enjoyed in youth.

One of the biggest life challenges being faced by most people in America is the battle to claim benefits under the Social Security Disability program. The Social Security Administration (SSA) is the venue of daily epic battles occurring between claimants and the administration itself.


What is the prize awaiting? The Disability benefits, of course.

The usual scenario of the battle is when you acquire a mental or physical impairment, diagnosed by the doctors and becomes the cause for your incapacity to work. Thus, you submit an application to the SSA for disability benefits. The fact is that, you know you have the right to do so since you had never failed to pay your dues to the government.

You might have thought that it would not take that long and before you know it, and you will begin to avail of the benefits to tide you over, since you do, are not receiving income anymore. However, the time comes when you feel your resources beginning to drain down.

Later on, as more months pass by without any advice from the SSA, you just kept your hopes up and reaffirmed your faith that SSA is your ally.

When you finally receive a notice from the SSA however, the reality slaps you in the face. Your claim is denied, with enough official terminologies conclusively saying that you are not really disabled and that you are not qualified to receive benefits.

Now, you are finally realizing that it is not a question of alliances. It is a battle between you, a humble citizen among millions and the federal government, the seemingly invincible force working against your favor.

However, it is important to note down the policies of SSA on appeal rights and disregard the “final and decisive” tone of the denial.

If we are to recall most of the past epic battles, remember that one of the factors why you have enjoyed it is because the ones you thought were weak are the ones who prevail over the unconquerable.

Thus, in your own epic battle with SSA and the federal government for your right to claim disability benefits: unwavering perseverance.

Be aware that around 75% of those who applied for disability benefits will be initially denied. However, if you decide to become a part of half of this percentage, which give up and do not appeal, then you might become a miserable loser. If you decide to be an applicant to persevere and push on with their claim even up to an Administrative Law judge hearing , then the odds is that you will obtain what is rightfully due you by the government.

Your case will go down into history along with the other triumphant victories.

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