CEO of GM outlines plan for “New GM” after auto company declared bankruptcy

CEO of GM outlines plan for “New GM” after auto company declared bankruptcy

Thursday, June 4, 2009

In a New York press conference at 16:15 UTC, June 1st, Fritz Henderson, the Chief Executive Officer of General Motors, which filed for bankruptcy and Chapter 11 protection from its creditors earlier today, outlined a plan for what he called a “New GM”.

Speaking to the press under safe harbor provisions of U.S. law, Henderson described the events of today as a “defining moment” in the history of General Motors. Speaking to the public he said that “The GM that let you down is history,” and described a “New GM” that he expected to result from the bankruptcy process.

Henderson stated that he envisioned the bankruptcy process would take between 60 and 90 days. He stressed several times his view that the process would be one that is executed quickly, saying that not just a sense of urgency but “pure unadulterated speed” was his expectation of the process. He emphasized that “GM remains open for business” during the bankruptcy period, continuing to sell and to support its products, and that day one motions had been filed in the bankruptcy court in order to allow this.

Regarding the bankruptcy process he said, “We will do it right. And we will do it once.”

He stated that the plan for General Motors had the support of the United Auto Workers union, the Canadian Auto Workers union, the GM VEBA, and a majority of the unsecured bondholders of GM. He also mentioned that GM had already received €1.5 million in bridge financing from the German government.

In response to questions about the possibility of the United States federal government, a majority shareholder in the restructured company, dictating future product development and strategy, such as the sale of more fuel-efficient and green vehicles; he first observed that the federal government had already stated to him that it had “no real interest in running our business” and that he expected that still to be his job. Of the specific hypothetical scenario where the management of GM wants to make one type of car, because it thinks that it is the right thing for the business, and the U.S. government wants to make another type of car, he stated that “I don’t think it’s going to happen.” Expanding on that point he stated that he expected the “New GM” to focus upon “highly fuel-efficient and green technology”, and that operating both in accordance with U.S. environmental laws and in response to customer demand would naturally result in the New GM producing the types of vehicles that the U.S. government would encourage.

The “New GM” he also expected to focus on “four core brands”, and will size its dealership to match that. He stated that GM would offer a “deferred termination” package to dealers, to allow them to cease dealing in GM vehicles in a managed and gradual way.

He stated that the bankruptcy filings did not cover General Motors’ businesses in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East, and Asia and the Pacific. Of GM’s profitable ventures in China, specifically, he stated that they were “a critical part of the New GM”. In response to questions of whether the New GM would import cars from China to the U.S., he stated the formative company’s core principle that “We build where we sell” applied in both directions, with GM building in China to sell in China and building in the U.S. to sell in the U.S., stating that this shortened supply chains.

He declined to predict when the New GM would return to profitability, stating that the goal was rather to lower the break-even EBIT point for the company. He also declined to speculate upon when the U.S. government would sell its stake in the company, saying that that was a question “better addressed to the U.S. Treasury”, and merely saying that he expected it to be “years, not months” when the U.S. Treasury felt it would give “the right return for taxpayers.”

Canadian National Exhibition takes place in Toronto

Canadian National Exhibition takes place in Toronto

Sunday, September 2, 2007

From August 17 to September 3, 2007 the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE or The EX) came back to Toronto for its 128th year. It is the largest in Canada and the fifth largest in North America.

The three day Canadian International Airshow, the horse show called “Tom Bishop’s Trick Riding Show”, and many other events were the main attractions at this year’s CNE. An estimated 1.3 million people attend the CNE every year.

The 680 News tower made entirely from Lego’s was on display, with a fence around it.

On Saturday at 1:00 p.m. was the airshow, which featured award winning aviators, including the Canadian Forces (CF) snowbirds, flying planes used in Afghanistan. The United States Air Force (USAF) also flew planes used in the military and a new F-22 Raptor fighter aircraft for its first time in an international show. A CF-18 Hornet, Canadian version of the USAF F/A-18 Hornet, 1943 Boeing Stock Stearman PT-17, and many other rare planes were also flown. Everyone could see the airshow but for a good photo and video opportunity freelance Wikinews journalist and others paid CA$5.00 to get on top of Ontario Place, across from the exhibition grounds. There was a ton of stairs to get to the top, but it was well worth it if one wanted excellent photos and video to watch with their family.

“I used to come to the air show every year with my dad … being out there flying over Lake Ontario in my hometown is unbelievable,” said Capt. Yanick “Crank” Gregoire of the CF-18 Hornet, on its 25th anniversary.

General Rick Hillier, Chief of the Defence Staff of the Canadian Forces, made a brief speech and talked about Canada’s mission in Afghanistan. Followed by was a pre-recorded speech made by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Then the American and Canadian national anthems were played and the show begun, it even included a live pilot in a Canadian Forces plane talking through his microphone into the speakers on top of Ontario Place. The airshow was something not to be missed as the staggering planes are always best watched live.

In the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place were many vendors and people selling books, cloths, inventions, and even some live cooking shows. There was also a arts, crafts, and hobbies building, which was one of the best places to visit at this year’s CNE. Rides and attractions filled the grounds across Ontario Place.

The famous Iams-sponsored Superdogs performed dog tricks for an audience in a large area, while behind the curtains were salespeople at booths advertising and selling Iams dog food. They perform at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto and other fairs in Canada.

At 5:00pm was the horse show at the Riding Academy “Horse Palace“, hosted by Tom Bishop Sr. There was a woman representing Ontario, a 15-year-old girl from Alberta representing Canada, and a man from the United States on a black horse. One of the horse riders, a champion, was from Canada but moved to the U.S. and has toured both countries. Tom Bishop Jr. stood and rode on top of two “Canadians”, the most rare and oldest horse breed in North America. The horses had to jump over a line of gas-led fire, Tom Bishop Sr. noted beforehand that horses are scared of fire.

At 9:00 p.m. was the Human Cannon Ball, from the U.S. Performed by David “The Bullet” Smith, Jr., son of Cannonball Smith, is the second person in the world that can do the “don’t-do-this-at-home-or-else!” stunt. It is their third year at the CNE. Most people came 20 minutes before to get a good spot. The shot was so loud that some had to plug their ears, and if one didn’t their heart would be beating hard. Smith jumped out like he’s done that stunt a thousand times, he did a push up on the ground and quickly ran back.

While walking to the Ontario Place parking lot, as soon as the “Human Cannon Ball” was finished, the Canadian Forces had several of their vehicles used in Afghanistan on display outside. A snowbirds plane, some LAV III’s, tanks, a helicopter, and a boat were on display. Soldiers were outside to greet and talk to the visitors, and had photos taken. A large banner was hung and old music was playing. People even signed a board beside a tank showing their support and thanks to the soldiers currently deployed. There was also a large tent with real Canadian soldiers giving away bracelets and showing actual uniforms used. They were very heavy and one soldier actually said the cloths are comfortable. It wasn’t clear which base the soldiers came from but one said that he came from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The CNE closes every night at 11:00pm.

It ends on Labour Day at 7:00pm.


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Battle for Trafalgar Square, London as violence breaks out between demonstrators and riot police

Battle for Trafalgar Square, London as violence breaks out between demonstrators and riot police

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday morning showed Trafalgar Square, London damaged during the night by demonstrators.

Bottles, cans, and placards littered the concrete ground of one of the most iconic landmarks in London. Demonstrators livid at government cuts had sprayed graffiti on the four bronze lions. “No-one rules if no-one obeys,” one message, next to the symbol of anarchy, read. On the steps leading up to the National Gallery lay placards, dropped by demonstrators the night before. Hours earlier the square was an arena for running battles between the anarchist protesters and riot police.

First, they targetted Oxford Street, arguably the most famous shopping row in the city. The protesters, many dressed in black, hurled smoke bombs and paint at Topshop, which they claimed has systematically abused the tax system. In Piccadilly, they ransacked The Ritz, a hotel popularly known for upmarket opulence. As darkness fell over the capital, many went home. But in Trafalgar Square, protesters lit campfires and danced to music, smoking and eating into the night.

But then the police moved in. Clad in riot gear, the situation began to escalate and both they and the demonstrators began to panic. They raised their batons and shouted at the crowd, while the protesters grabbed metal barriers and hurled them over police lines, using them as battering rams. Some protesters yelled in defence, “Don’t hit us!”, while the more determined shouted, “Shame on you! Your job’s next!” The riot officers pushed protesters into the centre of the square, towards Nelson’s Column. The police started forward at least twice swinging their batons in the air, as protesters retaliated by throwing glass bottles and coins towards the police lines. One officer was taken away with blood pouring from under his visor.

“I have never seen such a fast escalation of violence in my life,” one witness to the violence in the square said. “Everything just kicked off, glass everywhere, police hitting people, people being dragged across the floor. I just can’t believe it.” Other protesters on the front line later described the police retaliation as they began to kettle people in. “I find myself in front of the riot line,” one protester wrote, “taking a blow to the head and a kick to the shin; I am dragged to my feet by a girl with blue hair who squeezes my arm and then raises a union flag defiantly at the cops.”

Everything just kicked off, glass everywhere, police hitting people, people being dragged across the floor. I just can’t believe it.

Fireworks exploded overhead and, towards midnight, the number of protesters had diminished. As the kettling began, many of them slipped away into the night. In the early hours of the morning, the levels of violence began to fade. “Vandalism has been committed and officers have come under sustained attack,” the Metropolitan Police said. “We are holding everyone here until the situation calms down and we determine who is responsible.”

As the street cleaners worked through the morning in London, more than 200 protesters, detained throughout the day, remained in custody. Although the organisers of the march were swift to disassociate themselves with the violence, the protesters were defiant. “I’m not moving, I’m not moving,” one young protester, hemmed in by the riot police, said. “I’ve been on every protest, I won’t let this government destroy our future without a fight. I won’t stand back, I’m not moving.”

Squirrel banned from Finnish supermarket

Squirrel banned from Finnish supermarket
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Friday, August 24, 2007

Health authorities in Finland have banned a squirrel from visiting a SIWA supermarket in the central Finnish city of Jyväskylä.

The squirrel had previously been allowed in by the store’s manager, Irene Lindroos, where it would enter daily via the open front door, and help itself to a Kinder Egg chocolate from the confectionery section. Once it had one, it would carry it back outside to eat it.

The appearance of the squirrel regularly amused customers, often with the effect of causing them to purchase Kinder Eggs themselves.

However, as of today, the squirrel has been barred from entering. “It’s a decision of the health authorities. The door of the store has remained open all summer, but now it will be shut,” said an employee of the supermarket.

The squirrel had received widespread press attention earlier in the year. “I named it the Kinder-squirrel, after the treats. It always goes after them, other sweets do not seem to interest it as much,” Irene Lindroos had said at the time. The sweets contain a small plastic toy, and Lindroos had said “It removes the foil carefully, eats the chocolate and leaves the store with the toy”.

The squirrel was banned by the authorities because they decided that the terms of the Food Act meant it could not remain there. Lindroos told reporters the squirrel had become very popular with customers, saying that almost everyone who entered the store had asked about it. She added that one customer had made a donation of 30 Euros (41 US) to fund the squirrel’s continuing chocolate-taking.

Tornadoes damage hundreds of Missouri homes, force closure of airport

Tornadoes damage hundreds of Missouri homes, force closure of airport
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

An EF4 tornado struck near St. Louis, Missouri Friday night, forcing the closure of Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and damaging over 2,700 buildings in St. Louis County. The National Weather Service also confirmed that an EF1 tornado touched down in neighboring St. Charles County and an EF2 touched down in Pontoon Beach, Illinois.

The city of Bridgeton, in North St. Louis County, was hit by the EF4 tornado. According to the National Weather Service, it was the most powerful tornado to touch down in the St. Louis region since 1967, with winds ranging from 166 and 200 miles (267 and 322 kilometres) per hour. Aftereffects of that tornado were also reported in Maryland Heights, Missouri.

One official estimated that anywhere from 50 to 200 homes in the Maryland Heights and Bridgeton areas incurred damage, but early numbers released by St. Louis County indicate that over 2,000 buildings in those two cities had suffered “noticeable damage,” which does not include minor damage. Around 30,000 people in the region did not have power Saturday, out of a total of 47,000 affected residents.

Authorities with search and rescue dogs went door-to-door Saturday, looking for possibly trapped residents. Aerial imagery was being used in damage assessment. Area residents unaffected by the tornado were assisting those that lost their homes, reported St. Louis television station KSDK.

The Harmann Estates neighborhood of Bridgeton was heavily damaged during the storm, with many residences losing roofs and siding. Officials have already condemned some of the subdivision’s homes. St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley reported 25 homes in Bridgeton and Berkeley, Missouri as being completely destroyed and an additional 35 as uninhabitable.

Granite City, Illinois was struck by the EF2 tornado, while New Melle, Missouri was hit by the EF1. Fourteen New Melle homes sustained minor damage, while four were heavily damaged.

The storm also caused the temporary shutdown of two major St. Louis highways. Portions of Interstate 70 and Interstate 270 were closed Friday night due to fallen power lines and storm debris. Both blocked sections have since reopened, but officials said it would take a few days to remove all the debris, which they pushed onto the roadsides.

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, which is immediately west of Berkeley, suffered heavy damage Friday night from the same tornado, and was forced to halt all regular operations Saturday while crews worked to clear the affected terminals. Eight flights had been forced to land in Kansas City, Missouri Friday night due to the tornado. About 500 people were in Lambert Airport when the tornado hit. A Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) spokesperson said other US airports were not affected by Lambert’s shutdown. Lambert is not an airline hub and is significantly less busy than it was ten years ago.

In a Saturday press conference, Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge, Lambert’s director, said the airfield and Terminal 2 were “fully functional,” but the main terminal’s Concourse C had been severely impacted by the storm. That terminal, which sustained the heaviest damage, serves Air Tran, American Airlines, Cape Air, and Frontier Airlines. The total cost of repairs at Lambert is expected to be in the millions of dollars, but Hamm-Niebruegge said the airport does not yet have a good estimate.

It was like being in a horror movie. Grown men were crying.

One passenger of a waiting plane at Lambert told KSDK that heavy winds pushed the aircraft about 20 feet (6.1 metres) while it was still attached to the gate. Two other planes on the tarmac were unable to return to the airport, so passengers were bused back. Five planes—four operated by American and one by Southwest Airlines—suffered damage, and some will undergo major repairs.

Some travelers inside the airport received medical attention for minor injuries caused by flying glass. A handful of people were transported to a local hospital for additional treatment, but all were later released. “We get to the terminal and lights were out, glass everywhere, blood everywhere from people had been cut,” recalled one witness. Another person at the airport reported, “The ceiling was falling. The glass was hitting us in the face. Hail and rain were coming in. The wind was blowing debris all over the place. It was like being in a horror movie. Grown men were crying.”

On Saturday, it was evident that Concourse C would not be open for some time, said Mayor of St. Louis Francis Slay. A large section of its roof was missing and around half of its windows had been blown out by the high winds. Debris and water from the storm were present inside the airport as crews worked to restore power and assess damage to the terminal. Missing windows had been boarded up, ruined carpet had been removed, and the control tower was functional by Saturday afternoon. The power was back on by 7:40 p.m. CDT (00:40 UTC) that evening.

The airport resumed outgoing flight services Sunday, although several incoming flights landed at Lambert Saturday evening. Slay said the airport will be running at 70 percent capacity until mid-week, depending on the availability of airline crew members and planes. Airlines using Concourse C will have their operations temporarily relocated, he added. On Sunday, Southwest was operating at normal capacity, while AirTran moved to Concourse B and canceled four of its eleven scheduled flights. A spokesperson for American said the airline would have planes ready for normal Monday operations. American had previously canceled all St. Louis flights scheduled for Sunday.

It was horrific and for that much damage to been done, to have no loss of life, is truly a blessing

On Saturday afternoon, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon arrived at Lambert and visited areas devastated by the tornado. He originally planned to tour Maryland Heights, Bridgeton, and Berkeley, but Nixon was only able to tour Berkeley due to an approaching line of storms. While in St. Louis, the governor said 750 Missouri homes had been damaged by Friday’s tornadoes and that federal assistance was forthcoming. Nixon reported that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was involved in assessing storm damage, as well as that US President Barack Obama had already contacted him, promising relief funds. US Representative Lacy Clay, said Saturday that he would brief Obama on the situation.

The state declared the affected areas of St. Louis County a disaster area. No one has reported serious injuries or deaths as a result of the storm, although some people were treated for minor injuries. “It was horrific and for that much damage to been done, to have no loss of life, is truly a blessing,” Slay said.

Understanding Acne Keloidalis Nuchae

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Submitted by: Jason Rickard

Everyone is familiar with facial acne and back acne, but what is Acne Keloidalis Nuchae? Acne keloidalis nuchae (AKN), also often termed as razor bumps, is a type of papule that usually appears on the neck, nape or beard area. Improper shaving of facial and body hair commonly causes AKN.

Shaving is the most common solution to removing hairs. After a few days, you might notice some reddening and itching on the shaved area. Shaving causes the end of the hair to be really sharp. Sharp enough to cause skin irritation. When hair grows and curves back, it can hit the skin and cause AKN, which is also a type of skin inflammation. AKN breeds when hair tries to grow back and meet some foreign body like dirt. If not treated immediately, this can lead to harder bumps that usually appear in the beard and neck area.

YouTube Preview Image

The best way to prevent AKN is to simply avoid shaving. It this can t be done at least follow some pre-shaving regimen. You can soften your hair by using a washcloth drenched in hot water for five minutes. Preshave solution can also help the skin prepare for shaving. You can also opt to purchase lubricating shaving gel or oil. If you have a severe case of AKN, head on to your dermatologist and he can prescribe a medicated shaving solution.

When shaving, stroke in only one direction. Avoid stretching your skin. Do not use multiple strokes while shaving on the same area. Using an electric shaver rather than razor is also advisable. Try not to shave too closely to the surface of your skin. If you are used to shaving everyday, try to change your shaving schedule to at least three or four times a week.

If your dermatologist agrees, you can also try to use shaving chemicals that are available in the market. These products can remove facial and body hairs without actually shaving them. They contain calcium thioglycolate and/ or barium sulfide depilatories, which can dissolve hair easily so that shaving would be unnecessary. It is important to read through the packaging information of these kinds of products as they may cause chemical burns to individuals with sensitive skin.

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Fires at Baxter Immigration Detention Centre in South Australia

Fires at Baxter Immigration Detention Centre in South Australia
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Saturday, November 12, 2005

34 accommodation units have been destroyed by fire at the Baxter Detention Centre near Pt Augusta in South Australia today. The blaze also gutted a kitchen, laundry, recreational area and officers’ station. The original blaze broke out around 4am ACST in the kitchen of the “White One” compound which houses single men. Fire units took almost three hours to put them out.

Fifty-eight detainees were evacuated from Baxter IDC. Six have been treated for smoke inhalation.

Immigration minister Amanda Vanstone says about 17 rooms have been ruined and others damaged. She says deliberate property damage will not be tolerated and the Australian Federal Police are questioning four detainees over the blazes and anyone found responsible will be charged.

“Anyone with no lawful right to be in Australia should leave irrespective of the behaviour that they’ve undertaken, but if someone with a visa or without a visa to be in Australia engages in criminal conduct that would be taken into account in terms of cancelling a visa,” she said.

The Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) said four fires appeared to have been deliberately lit. “The first fire in the kitchen area was followed by three other separate fires within the complex,” an MFS spokesman said.

Refugee rights advocate Pamela Curr said she had concerns about the safety of detainees in the event of a fire because of the electronic doors. She said detainees at a detention centre at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport had been killed during a fire last month because authorities had been unable to manually open the electronic doors. “Thank heavens nobody seems to have been hurt today,” she said. “We’re always on the alert that Baxter is not a safe detention centre”.

Bernadette Wauchope from Rural Australians for Refugees says the destruction will continue until something is done. “They become so desperate that they attempt self-harm or attempt suicide or maybe resort to lighting fires,” she said. “After being locked up for years and years the feeling that they’re isolated and that nobody’s listening to what their stories are, often that, well it does contribute to these kinds of acts,” she said.

Report: Man tries to hang himself on an American Airlines flight

Report: Man tries to hang himself on an American Airlines flight
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

According to the newly formed BNO News Agency, an unnamed man tried to hang himself on an American Airlines flight which took off from Cibao International Airport in the Dominican Republic and was traveling to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City located in the state of New York.

American Airlines flight 834 was en-route to New York when the pilot reported that there was a medical emergency on board the plane. BNO says that a man had attempted to hang himself while the plane was in mid-flight. When the plane landed, the man was taken off the plane by emergency services who were on standby at JFK Airport.

Do you have any first hand information about this situation?
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Despite the report, American Airlines previously refused to comment on the incident because of the passengers privacy, but an unnamed official said that they had heard about the incident, “but [believed] it is not true.” The airline later stated to BNO that “the passenger did not try to commit suicide, however the passenger did have a medical condition that prompted our crew to call the tower and request assistance.” Even though the airline insists there was no suicide attempt, BNO states that the FBI was called and put on standby at the airport along with emergency services. Their involvement in the situation is not yet known, but BNO says the FBI is investigating.

On February 10, 2006, a man died after hanging himself in a bathroom aboard a United Airlines flight traveling from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles, California.

Put Out The Fire With Effective Athletes Foot Treatments In Joliet, Il

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Some over-the-counter Athletes Foot Treatments in Joliet IL actually do live up to their claims of alleviating the discomfort associated with the condition, but they only target the symptoms. Those sprays, powders, and creams go a long way toward soothing the burning and itching, but won’t really eliminate the fungus responsible. A handful of liquid topical treatments claim to get rid of the fungus as well as smooth out affected toenails, yet they fail to follow through with their promises.

You’ll also find any number of home remedies for the condition. Again, some truly do help ease the symptoms. One involves creating a foot soak made from Epsom salts and warm water and it’s recommended by professionals as one of the effective athletes foot treatments in Joliet IL. This particular solution helps send burning and itching into remission while speeding up the healing process for cracks and blisters.

Some other natural remedies are quite a bit more outlandish. They entail soaking your feet in water and oregano, slathering them with olive oil, and even inserting garlic slices between your toes. While any of these could make a nice pasta or salad dressing, most people find themselves reluctant to use them as Athletes Foot Treatments in Joliet IL. In some cases, they may even worsen the symptoms.

You can take a few steps to help lessen the severity of your symptoms, such as changing out of wet socks as soon as possible and keeping your toenails trimmed short. Wearing sandals or flip-flops to give your feet plenty of room to breath has also been found effective. Of course, this is easier said than done if your toes are already caught in the throes of a flare-up. Still, actually curing the condition and any accompanying infections requires a combination of antibiotics and antifungals only available from professionals like those at Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates in Joliet IL.