The Weather Forecast When Planning Chiang Mai Tours

The Weather Forecast When Planning Chiang Mai Tours


Andrew Mulvaney

Chaing Mai tours have risen in popularity greatly over the past couple of decades. It s not hard to see why: the north of Thailand offers a tropical paradise at a very reasonable rate. Travellers from both Europe and Australia are particularly fond of the area and this has led to large ex-pat communities. For good or bad, this atmosphere means that many people who might shy-away from foreign holidays are drawn to this area in particular. If you are travelling to northern Thailand then you should bear in mind that the weather during your trip will vary enormously depending on the season. Here is a brief overview:

When to travel?

The northwestern part of Thailand is subject to three very distinct seasons, and those travelling to the area should be very mindful of this. You ll want to pack quite different items depending on what the weather is likely to treat you to.

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The Cool Season:

runs from November to March and offers lovely warm days and evenings that are just cool enough to need a light coat or a long-sleeved top. If you find yourself occupying the higher altitudes in the region, then you ll want to have something a little warmer in your bag. The average temperature around this time of the year is 21 , although visitors on Chiang Mai tours should be aware that this temperature drops dramatically at night. Locals suggest that the coolest months, by some distance, are usually December and January.

The Hot Season:

next in line is the hottest part of the year, where April and May, especially, can be uncomfortably hot for people who aren t used to the climate that is found in this part of the world. The afternoons will be the most extreme part of the day in temperature terms, with most tourists on Chiang Mai tours preferring to stay indoors to seek shelter from the worst excesses of the day s heat. The nights are still reasonably cool, however, and the afternoons are an ideal time to embark upon some sightseeing.

The Rainy Season:

If you like rain, you ll love taking Chiang Mai tours in the period from June to the middle of October. It has to be admitted, however, that the days during this season aren t actually marked by constant deluge; in fact, many people enjoy the blend of tropical rain and bright sunshine. This swing between wet and dry weather helps to turn the countryside into a seas of verdant green and brings about the arrival of a carpet of beautiful tropical flowers.

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11 Steps To Spray Paint Your Car Like The Professionals Car Bodywork Paint Repair

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By Mario Goldstein

You will be surprised to see just how to spray car paint really can be easy. That doesn’t mean that you can just grab a tin of paint and go at it. There are some basics you need to know. Both in the preparation and application.

Step A:

Prepare by gathering all of your items that you are going to need. Make sure your surrounding area is protected against any possible over spray. Any parts that do not need to be sprayed and that can be removed then do so. For other areas cover well with paper and masking tape.

Step B:

You will have to examine the car carefully for any rough spots. These will need to be sanded with 300 grit sand paper. This will smooth out the rough spots. It also allows the spray car paint to adhere better. Once you have finished sanding, make sure all of the dust dirt and debris are removed from the vehicle. It’s imperative that the car be perfectly clean.

Step C:

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You will need to apply a primer. This will make sure that you get an overall even coat of your colored paint plus helps the paint to adhere well. When you spray the primer, make sure you apply light coats and allow for drying in between. How to spray car paint takes a little getting used to.

Step D:

Now you are pretty well to the point where you are about ready to spray the color. You may have decided to use the spray car paint that comes in aerosol cans, or perhaps you have opted for the spray gun. In either case, make a few practice strokes on an object before you start with the car. Once you are ready, start the passes with the paint without hesitation. If you hold the spray can or gun in one spot, you will end up with uneven coverage and possibly the paint will run. If this happens you have a major repair job on your had. You will most likely have instructions as to how to spray car paint using the equipment or spray cans.

Step E:

It’s up to you whether you want to wet sand between coats of primer and color paints. You may want to research this option on the web, or check with someone that is familiar with how to spray car paint

Step F:

Once you are totally satisfied with the color, you are down to the finishing touches. You will now want to apply several clear coats. This will give the gloss and finished look to the car as well as protect the finish. Probably two coats will be sufficient but it will be up to you. Make absolutely sure it is dry in between coats.

Step G:

Once again, you have the option of wet sanding if you prefer. Again, I suggest you ask the advice of individuals that are familiar with how to spray paint a car. If you decide to follow this step then you need to wet sand with the following grits in this order. Use 800, 1000, 1200, 1500 and the finally the 2000. This will remove spots that may be too heavy in the clear coat application.

Step H:

Now you will want to using a rubbing compound to buff the surface so you can use a 2000 grit to remove any scratches.

Step I:

You should now buff the surface. To do this simply use a medium cut polish. Once you have done this, you should have a perfect glassy look to the finish.

Step J:

As a final touch, you may want to apply a few coats of wax.

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Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loans: The Perfect Debt Settlement Medium

By Gilbert Imlay

If you are upset due to the ever-increasing number of debts and want to consolidate them at once, then there are some loan schemes that can help you in making it possible. Since a large number of people are struggling to pay off their due debts, banks, financial institutions and other money lending authorities are offering debt consolidation loans. Usually, people show a very careless attitude towards debt consolidation and leave their debts unpaid due to the unavailability of sufficient finance. If you are one of those people who are facing problems in settling their debts then, unsecured debt consolidation loans can help you in settling them at ease. There are n numbers of lenders and financial institutions in the market who offer one of the most delighting credit proposals, so that you may be able to settle up your previous loans. Since making a single monthly payment is less burdensome rather than paying to number of creditors, these loans consolidates all your loans by clustering them into one loan.

Unsecured debt consolidation loans do not demand any collateral against loan amount; therefore, you can apply for this loan without arranging any collateral. Basically, collateral is a backing for the loan, as it reduces the risk of default payment. Since these loans are not secured against home or property, the lender charges a high interest rate to compensate the risk. However, if in any case the borrower does not pay the loan amount, the lenders has the right to take legal action against the borrower. In some unfeasible cases, this legal action can lead to liquidation of property, as this is the only possible way to recover the loan amount. Despite of the fact that unsecured debt consolidation loans offer high interest rate and stiff repayment terms, most of the bad credit borrows are going for these loans.

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Obligation of collateral submission with secured loans makes them especially useless for people who do not possess any high valued property. Unsecured debt consolidation loans are also ideal for people, who do not want keep their homes as collateral. These loans can also be arranged with reasonable interest rate, provided the lender is reputable and reliable. If you do not have proper time to analyze the market trends and available loan offers then you can take help from a loan service provider.

Such loan service providers arrange for the most reasonable loan deals for you; in fact, they can extract the most suitable deal from the market place, as they have tie-ups with all renowned lenders. With the help of these firms, you will never have to worry about affordability of the loan, as representatives of these firms will negotiate with the creditor. Moreover, with them you can be free from the hassle of settling various debts, you just need to give a list of your due debts and adequate arrangement of debt settlement is made by them. Therefore, do not tolerate the burden of debts anymore and apply for unsecured debt consolidation loans with a reliable lender to get best benefits.

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