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byAlma Abell

There are multiple reasons a person could find him or herself facing the justice system. In each situation, there are specific steps that need to be taken in order to reach an ideal outcome. While most people have some idea of what their options are, it helps to gain insight and advice at the Lee Law Firm Dallas residents trust.

Learning More About the Situation

The first step to helping a client involves learning more about the situation. It is difficult to make a professional recommendation without all the necessary details. During the initial consultation, potential clients discuss the reason for their interaction with the justice system and explain their side of the issue.

At this time, a lawyer may ask for more information or documentation to see whether or not the case has enough merit to pursue. It is also at this point that, if there is a valid case, a client can agree to representation by the law firm.

Outlining the Options

With the necessary information in hand, and with the help of the Lee Law Firm Dallas residents can learn more about their options. Sometimes a client will have multiple options to choose from. Other times, choices are limited. This information is provided as clearly as possible to allow a client to think about the best course of action.

Because each person’s case is different, there is no blanket advice that will cover all situations. Instead, a personalized recommendation is provided. Regardless of what is discussed, the client is able to make his or her own decision on how to proceed.

Building a Case

Once the firm has established that there is a case and agrees to provide representation, the goal becomes building a case. This involves investigating more about the issue including gathering documents or interviewing other individuals involved. There is no set time line for this part of the case as each situation is different.

The goal is always to provide solid representation for a client and his or her best interests. By setting up an initial consultation, gaining insight into the options, and building a case, a person can begin to feel more confident about his or her experience with the justice system.