The Best Way To Monitor Cholesterol Levels

By Julia Carmichael

You see your doctor every six months for a checkup. During this time, he checks your cholesterol to see how your levels are looking. If your levels are high, he may suggest some things you can do to help lower your cholesterol, and then make an appointment to check your levels again in six months. But what if you want to check your cholesterol more often? Is there a way to keep closer tabs on your cholesterol levels than just seeing your doctor every six months?

There are several ways to test your cholesterol levels at home. Your local pharmacy or drugstore probably stocks or can order a wide variety of these home cholesterol kits. Some of these kits are similar to a blood glucose meter while others use a litmus type test.

One of the least expensive of these home cholesterol tests allows you to place a drop of blood on a chemically treated pad. After a short period of time, you compare the resulting color on the chemical pad with a color chart which gives you a general idea of your cholesterol level. These tests are inexpensive and are ideal for those who just want to get a general idea of how their cholesterol levels are looking.

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For those who want more specific results, there are also cholesterol meters available for sale. These cholesterol testers work much like a blood glucose monitor and give you a more precise reading than the litmus-type tests. To use these testers, you place a drop of blood on a test strip which is inserted into the cholesterol meter. You are then given a specific number that represents your total cholesterol level.

If you plan to check your cholesterol at home, there are some important factors to keep in mind. First, your cholesterol will not change drastically from day-to-day. Therefore, there is no reason to check your cholesterol every day. It will take at least one week for any diet or exercise changes to make a difference in your cholesterol level. It is also important to test your cholesterol at the same time each day. The best time to check your cholesterol level is in the morning before


Also, an at-home cholesterol check will only give you a total cholesterol level. There are no home tests yet that will discover both an HDL and LDL cholesterol level. In fact, the only way to find out your LDL or bad cholesterol level is to have your doctor conduct a fasting blood cholesterol test. While doctors sometimes conduct a nonfasting cholesterol test, only the total and HDL levels of these tests will be accurate.

If you want to keep a closer eye on your cholesterol level that just seeing your doctor every so often, there are various cholesterol tests and testers to choose from. Depending on how much money you want to spend on a tester you can get a general idea of how high your cholesterol is or you can get a pinpointed number.

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Pediatric: Treatment Meant For The Young Children

Submitted by: Farzina Naznin

Pediatric is basically a branch of medicines which is only meant for the children from the birth to the stage of adolescence. Thus pediatric is not meant for the adults. The word pediatric is generated from the Greek words paidi and iatros . Here paidi, generally means a boy and iatros, refers to a doctor. Thus from this terminology pediatric means a doctor which is generally meant for the treatment of a young boy. This branch of medicine is only meant for the a specified age group which might start approximately when a baby is born till the completion of the adolescence stage, based on their psychological and physiological concepts.

Pediatricians deal with various problems of the children. For example, there are pediatricians who only deal with the dental health of the children. Moreover there are also pediatric cardiologists who generally deal with the cardiac or the heart conditions of the children. In the same way for dealing with cancer like leukemia in small children, there are pediatric oncologists. Thus it can be estimated in this context that there are pediatricians and pediatric medicines which are solely meant for the children from birth to the stage of adolescence.

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In the field of pediatrics, there are also pediatric nurses who are meant for taking care of the infants, the children and the adolescence. It is to be noted out here that the pediatric nurses are generally trained in the field of taking care of young patients and in assisting the doctors in their work. Pediatric generally means taking intensive care and attention of the young patients. As the young patients are generally found to be afraid and scared of certain treatments, pediatricians in different field thus helps in providing self help and confidence in the young patients.

Pediatrics also involves surgical operations. But this form of surgery generally varies from the type of surgery which is meant for the adults. Pediatric surgeons perform the pediatric surgery in the hospitals which are generally meant for the children. The important concept which is worth mentioning in respect of pediatric treatment is that as the young children are not capable of making any decision, thus the decision related to the treatment of the young patients by the pediatricians should get the confirmation of the young patients guardians regarding the type of treatment and surgery meted out to the young patients.

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