byAlma Abell

When you’re battling cancer and have to undergo chemotherapy, your primary focus is getting better physically. However, when you are finally able to go out and about in public, you naturally may be concerned about how you look, with hair loss from chemotherapy being unpreventable. Chemo Beanies offer a convenient way to keep you looking and feeling beautiful in the aftermath of chemotherapy.

HistoryChemo Beanies were created by a family business after one woman struggled to find head covers while she was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Her older sister ended up being diagnosed with breast cancer five years later, which caused her to come up with the Chemo Beanie solution. Other patients liked the idea of the beanie when they saw them, which led the family to begin officially marketing these products. Their goal was to keep cancer patients from worrying about how they would cover their bald heads.

Why Chemo Beanies?These products stand out because they are not only stylish but also comfortable when you are dealing with unwanted hair loss. Many other types of head coverings can be problematic; for example, cute hats from a catalog can end up not being functional. In addition, cancer turbans may be more comfortable than hats but are generally not very fashionable. Scarves and bandanas can be hard to tie, and they can easily move around, thus making you feel self-conscious. Finally, wigs can occasionally be effective, but they aren’t always the most comfortable head coverings in various situations. Beanies, on the other hand, are easy to use, feature a feminine touch, and fit well on heads of all sizes.

Hair LossHair loss caused by chemotherapy can cause you to feel disappointed and frustrated. Unfortunately, many chemotherapy drugs cause either hair loss or thinning of the hair depending on the type of drug. Chemo Beanies are designed to cover your head adequately due to its unique neck ruffle and bunching, which fully cover your bare neck while still being highly fashionable. The soft materials used to create each beanie also stretch in such a way as to naturally and securely fit into your head time and time again. offers high-quality Chemo Beanies for cancer patients. Visit their website to learn more about these fashionable products.