byAlma Abell

Clogged drains are a fact of life. At some point, everyone has to deal with them. Most turn to chemical drain openers that can be purchased easily at department stores. For small clogs, this often takes care of the problem. But normally, a clog may be more extensive than one thinks, and the drain cleaner only dissolves a hole in a much larger problem. Months later, the drain will likely clog again. Services for Drain Cleaning in Birmingham, AL offer professional help to make sure that clog is flushed away for good.

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Major drain clogs are often the result of a long accumulation of particles and debris from the kitchens and bathrooms of people’s homes. Kitchen drains may develop a sticky gunk of grease and food particles, while bathroom drains tend to clog with hair and paper. While it may be tempting for a homeowner to rent the tools needed to clear a drain, this may end up being more expensive and frustrating. Finding and eradicating clogs is not as easy as it seems. Service technicians for Drain Cleaning in Birmingham, AL are trained to detect the origin point for drain clogs, and they use techniques to totally annihilate the clog. The goal is to solve the problem at its source.

This may involve the use of special equipment, such as small cameras mounted on long wire probe called an auger. The auger is attached to a motor and is used to root out a clog. Another popular clearing method is the use of high-pressure jets of water. Once this has been completed, the drain pipe should be squeaky clean from one end to the other.

A homeowner can take proactive measures to prevent untimely and inconvenient drain clogs. An annual drain cleaning service can keep the pipes clear of debris. Given that people depend so much on the plumbing and drain systems for everyday tasks, such maintenance service is a wise investment in keeping a home functioning at its optimum level. Some drain cleaning services also work with septic systems, and these have their own special issues that need to be addressed every so often. Click Here to know more!