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Fundamental solution lies in mechanization of agriculture. In agricultural production, agricultural machinery has robbed farming, disaster mitigation, such as saving and synergy effects, can greatly increase labor productivity, resource utilization and output rate of the land, farm machinery and equipment modernization in agriculture, increasing the contribution rate , is the construction of “billions of granary” of the important grasps. Agricultural systems around the central city, serving the overall situation, based on large scale farming, the development of large agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery works as the starting point of enriching the people, has the main push the “four key technology” for “billion granary” of building a technical support .

Vigorously promote the mechanization of rice transplanting technology education, accelerating mechanization of rice production. Education mechanization of rice planting areas is low, restricting the mechanization of rice production bottlenecks. Municipal Agricultural Bureau launched a technical trial of mechanized rice planting demonstration education, organizing and technical personnel went to the fields, deep into the agricultural households, service organizations and major producer of grain, by carrying out extensive handholding, face to face technical services, and vigorously promote mechanized rice planting technology education .

Transplanted rice to planting density, planting depth, spacing and other quantifiable indicators of adjustment, characterized in seedling transplanting, narrow line width of line, Dingmiao set point, to rice planting, “shallow, uniform, straight, stable” technology requirements, so fast tillers, air and light conditions are good, field management and convenience, stress resistance, consistent with the requirements of agricultural cultivation. Rice Transplanting Technology can not only increase production, but also cost savings, Transplanting can yield 100 kg per mu, the cost savings of nearly 200; saving seedling plate field, Transplanting of seedlings board field is only 10% of artificial planting seedling about saving the land, improve resource utilization.

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Vigorously carry out the wheat, “a fine two deep” high research activity, enhance the level of mechanization of wheat cultivation. Wheat “two deep a spirit” breakthrough technology is the high mechanical subsoiling, deep application of fertilizer, precision (half precision) to sow the seeds of agricultural production technology integration, the core is to improve the level of mechanization of wheat cultivation. Wheat yield and total output increase, key in “kind of” hard word “seven species, three in charge,” “ten pounds less species overcharged pounds of food” has become a consensus.Vigorously carry out the revitalization plan actions of corn, raising the level of corn harvest mechanization. Municipal Agricultural Bureau to “Maize revitalization plan,” as the starting point, vigorously promote the corn sowing machines, machines and other mechanized collection techniques. “Delayed 10 days revenue, an extra pounds of food,” efficient use of mechanized harvesting, looting farming, the advantage of increasing production efficiency, extend corn harvest, improve quality and productivity.

As farm machinery and equipment in a prominent role in agricultural production, the city farmers, especially large farm machinery and agricultural cooperative organizations purchase professional enthusiasm, and increased input into medium and large farm machinery and equipment. Last year, the city’s large and medium tractors new 2480 units, up 15,014 units; and medium sized farm tools supporting new 4692, up 22,833; combine additional 1291 units, up 13,860 units; transplanter new 1800 sets, rice transplanter retain amounted to 3321 units, the city has reached 5.327 million kilowatts gross agricultural machinery, tractors have reached 473,000 units, the city’s agricultural income of integrated farming mechanization level of 75%. Increasing levels of agricultural machinery and equipment, in the rush farming, disaster mitigation, to save their resources, improve efficiency and so demonstrated the power. Mechanization of the wide spread of the liberation of a large number of rural labor force, peasants from the land into the city into the town to the secondary and tertiary industries, farmers become citizens, accelerating the pace of urbanization.

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