Inline Skates Provide Police With Green Alternative, But What Are The Alternatives To Inline Skates?}

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Inline Skates Provide Police With Green Alternative, But What Are The Alternatives To Inline Skates?


Tom Lenton

Police officers in Miami, Paris and Jakarta are using inline skates, or roller blades, instead of cars or a motor bike to patrol the streets of their city. The inline skates, which usually consist of four or five wheels in a straight line on the sole of a boot, can only be used on smooth ground, but are an effective way of travelling at relatively fast speeds on road or pavement.

Inline skates are also used to perform tricks and the emergence of aggressive skating and its subsequent competitions are seen as the main reason behind the twenty-first century comeback of inline skates.

The initiative amongst these police forces is novel and the effort to promote green behaviour commendable. Yet the question must be asked; would the Inline skates provide the means to chase after a get-away vehicle? I doubt it.but, would the new alternatives to inline skates fair any better?


The Skorpion Quadline, as it sounds, is a four wheel skate which provides a throwback to the early 1980s with its two by two wheel format replacing the in-line format of the slim line skate.

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The mini dune buggy design comes equipped with large100mm wheels which provide a greater speed and shock absorbing struts which enable the rider to expand on the completely smooth track they are limited to by inline skates. The skate is also size-adjustable and the skate itself is slip-proof with extra grip for the feet.

The scorpion quadline is a more sizeable boot, but does have the advantage of a faster speed and greater balance. This faster speed may not still catch the get-away vehicle and will also look like your skating with a toy truck on each foot, but one cannot dispute the advantages of both extra pace and extra balance in a skate.


Tru Rev has introduced a new three wheel frame for youngsters to help them combat the troubles of using heavier skates. These skates are designed specifically to enable children to enjoy the benefits of bigger wheels and thus bigger speeds, without the usual weight which comes with bigger wheels.

It has been more common place in recent times for youngsters to have ??? on Big Wheel skates. Typically such skates feature four wheels of 100 or 110 mm, but the larger wheels have proved too heavy for many younger skaters. As a result, most have remained on four-wheel set-ups with smaller (72-90mm) wheels.

Yet, whilst using smaller wheels does lighten the load, the new Tru-Rev three wheel in disposing of one wheel allows for a loss in weight, but with bigger wheels and equally as good balance. Eliminating one wheel cuts more than 200 grams off every skate which results in a lighter, more slender skate.

This slim line skate serves as an ideal bridge between child and adult skates and therefore is suitable for skaters in their early teens.

Freeline Skates

Freeline Skates offer a new way of riding for lovers of board-sports. The skates are dual independent skates that combine elements of skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding.

Freeline Skates offer a new experience for people from different disciplines and provide the perfect opportunity for inline skaters to transfer their skills. The skates require riders to utilise existing abilities and transfer them to a new manner of skating. These provide a challenging and innovative way to carve big turns and invent new tricks, on skates that arent fastened to your feet.

Freeline Skates are ridden in a similar manner to that of a ?, with riders shifting their weight from heel to toe to change direction allowing them to carve smooth s turns while riding downhill.

The skates are independent, but unlike inline skates they are not strapped to the riders feet, this offers an added bonus to riders by allowing them to achieve high levels of traction on the flats and uphill providing a wide range of locations that are suitable for skates.

Freeline Skates cost 85 a pair and spare wheels are priced at 25.

Tom Lenton manages the sole UK distributor for Freeline Skates. Outdoor sports, winter sports, summer sports lovers will love Freeline Skates, designed to provide the same thrills and excitement experienced by snowboarders, surfers on dry land as well as giving skateboarders a new skating sensation. For more information visit or email

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Inline Skates Provide Police With Green Alternative, But What Are The Alternatives To Inline Skates?}

Preventing It Band Syndrome

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Preventing IT Band Syndrome


Kevin Christie

IT Band Syndrome is one of the most common causes of knee pain in runners. It is an overuse injury caused by repetitive friction of the iliotibial band across the Lateral Epicondyle (see image below). This syndrome presents as lateral (outside) knee pain due to tightness of the ITB and hip abductors. As a result of movement of the band during flexion and extension of the knee and hip, a tight band could be responsible for the inflammation at the knee or even the hip, or along the IT Band.

The main physical causes of this condition are:

Tight IT Band.

Altered foot function: Excessively flat feet cause the lower leg to internally rotate excessively, adding a stretch tension to the IT Band.

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Decreased Glute Medius/Maximus function.

Overactive TFL muscle due to lack of Gluteus Medius function

A weak or inactive Vastus Medials (VMO). This is the inside muscle group of the quadriceps and tends to become weak on people.

Medial (inward) knee migration during walking/running.

Leg length discrepancy.

Tightness of hamstrings/Quads/Calves

Other non-biomechanical reasons for the condition can be improper running technique, worn-out or improper running shoes, hill running, canted running surfaces, and increasing mileage too fast. If you feel any of the non-biomechanical reasons may be an issue, please confer with your running store or coach.

From a physical standpoint, the best way to prevent IT Band Syndrome is to correct the causes by performing stretches and exercises to correct any of these above dysfunction. Stretching or foam rolling for the IT band, Hamstrings, Calves and Quads is necessary. Secondly, you need to be evaluated to determine if you have excessively flat arches or excessive pronation of the ankle. If you have flat feet, an orthotic may be beneficial. Lastly, strengthening of the hip stabilizers (glutes) and proprioception training of the ankle are recommended.

If you are, or in the future, suffer from IT Band Syndrome, conservative treatment usually does a great job of freeing you from your pain. In our practice we utilize Active Release Technique , Graston Technique and Kinesio Taping along with other modalities to treat the pain and prevent it from coming back. I recommend you familiarize yourself with the above techniques if you are a runner; they are the top conservative treatment methods running related over-use injuries.

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