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Today, the modern world boasts of having numerous opportunities and creative ideas that it could never imagine earlier. With almost all the activities falling prey to the boon of automation, the hectic domestic lives have been replaced by easy and relaxed lives. Right from washing clothes, to making tea, to cooking, every activity has become a part of this wave of digital insanity. One such appliance called washing machine has become an imperative need in the present day. Gone are the days when you had to spend hours on washing each type of clothing separately with a brush. Now, with busy lifestyles, people hardly get any time to spare for this tedious task. Washing machines have come to your rescue by washing a considerable amount of clothes at once.

Videocon washing machines have come as a waft of fresh air and changed the face of technology with unique technological features and never-seen-before designs. Videocon is a popular consumer durables brand that is known for its customer-centric approaches and reliable product range. Aimed at delivering delightful technological experiences to its wide customer base, it has exceeded beyond expectations and has become a preferred brand among Indian households. Boasting of an ingenious business strategy, courageous entrepreneurship, improved technology, insightful creativity and innovative marketing, the brand keeps its values in place and paves the way for a sustainable business practice. Its product range includes washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, mobile phones and tablets.

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Videocon washing machines are available in two basic types fully automatic top loading and semi-automatic. These are ergonomically designed with specific features pertaining to particular models. They are designed to make cleaning clothes a piece of cake without even having to supervise regularly.

The fully automatic top loading washing machines by Videocon are equipped with select features like Fuzzy Logic, hot and cold water inlet, 9 wash program, child lock, glass window, magic filter, lint filter, 10 level water selection, delay start function, LED panel, Auto Soak Wash, auto error detection and buzzer. With so many advanced features, this type of washing machine will not only clean your clothes but, will make them dry enough and the clothes will go through multiple levels of washing so that you get fresh and forever-new clothes with each wash. The auto error detection feature makes your chore simpler by alerting you of cases like dry tap, open door, pressure imbalance or no drain.

The semi-automatic washing machines by Videocon boast of features like multiple wash program, double magic filter, Tornado Air Dry, bleach inlet, central spin shower rinsing and chrome insert knob. The double magic filter function does its best to trap the lint from the clothes. The central spin shower rinsing removes the stains from scratch by distributing water evenly and rinsing the clothes gently.

Videocon washing machines are sleek and stylish, and are equipped with unique features for the best result. They come in a variety of shades to suit every type of home dcor. Now, you can buy a Videocon washing machine online from shopping portals from the comfort of your home. With various filters, you can narrow down your search and bask in the glory of your new appliance.

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