Everything To Consider When Buying Mulch

byAlma Abell

There is more to buying mulch in San Diego, CA then just buying the cheapest available mulch. There are other things to consider such as the landscaping needs, soil type and whether to go with organic or inorganic mulch. Price should only be considered after these other considerations have been taken.

Landscaping Options

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For landscaping needs, the idea is pretty simple. Some of the mulch types like shredded hardwoods are better for keeping down weed growth. Other mulch types like pine straw are great for plants that require a little more acidity in the water. There is also the more permanent options such as the chipped rubber or plastic. Each type of much has its own list of benefits which help to make it stand out from the other types of mulch.

Type of Soil Matters

The soil type also plays a huge role when selecting mulch in San Diego, CA. If the goal is to use mulch to not only provide protection but to also add to soil enrichment, then the obvious choice should be the organic type mulch. Inorganic mulch may last a long time, but it actually provides no benefit to the soil itself.

Weather Considerations

Finally, there is the choice of whether or not to go with an organic option for mulch. A few of the more popular options for organic mulch include pine straw, tree bark, leaves, shredded hardwood mulch, newspaper, etc. The inorganic option for mulch include rubber mulch, black plastic, black plastic, etc. More and more people are turning towards the organic option for mulch though.

Organic Options

Organic mulch does much more than just protect the soil. It can also help in channeling of water to reduce the effects of erosion. It can lessen the force of the water on the soil underneath. In addition to aiding in the channeling of water, it can also provide nutritional benefits to the soil as it slowly decomposes. Organic mulch like bark and pine straw have benefits such as increasing the pH levels of the soil. Some plants thrive with a higher pH level.

As can be seen here, there are a lot of decisions to be made when choosing the right type of mulch to go with. Choosing the right mulch can make a huge difference in the overall health of the landscaped plants.Greatsoil DBA Peirano Topsoils offers a variety of quality mulch in San Diego, CA.

Use Aromatherapy Essential Oils To Obtain Maximum Benefits}

Submitted by: Ann Marier

Studying the beginnings of aromatherapy will certainly go a long way in helping you in understanding how as well as why aromatherapy works the way that it does. You will find much to choose from at the various bath and body shopping malls that are stocked with different oils as well as scented items. However, we need to focus on what the ingredients of these oils are in order to understand how to get maximum benefits from aromatherapy essential oils.

Does Wonders For The Way That You Will Feel

There is no doubting that aromatherapy essential oils will do wonders for your feelings, which will make you feel as if you have been transported from one place to a different one altogether. These essential oils are the core of such changes in feelings and thus it would be in your best interests to get to know what it is that you are spraying and massaging your skin with.

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The main ingredients of aromatherapy essential oils are extracted from the fragrance of plants with the actual oil being obtained through the process of steam distillation, extraction as well as by mechanically removing them from plants. Aromatherapy essential oils have found use over the centuries are they used in aromatherapy candles, cooking flavors as well as incense, spiritual ceremonies, or for natural healing.

Aromatherapy essential oils are derived from plants such as juniper, sage as also rosemary. However, it would be wrong to consider aromatherapy essential oils as being omnipotent just because they are extracted from these plants. In fact, too much of these oils can actually be hazardous to the health and so one should know the product well as well as be careful while using it.

Aromatherapy essential oils have a number of uses including therapy benefits, emotional as well as physical and also spiritual uses, and they are very useful also when used for medicinal purposes. You can also use these essential oils to provide relief to sore muscles as well as stressed out moods. The wonderful part of aromatherapy essential oils is that they can help heal as well as provide relief, no matter what your situation is.

You can rub the aromatherapy essential oils on the skin to get the most from its potency which can even permeate the blood stream and let its magic do wonders for you there. Finding aromatherapy essential oils is not a problem, as every retail outlet will be stocking such products, especially those that specialize in natural products.

If one makes use of a certified massage therapist, one may get maximum benefit from aromatherapy essential oils, which being pure as well as natural can really make an impact on your stressed out feelings after a hard day of work.

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Lawn Solenoid Valves And How To Locate Them

Lawn Solenoid Valves And How To Locate Them



Irrigation solenoid valves are the gatekeepers to your sprinkler heads.

They are connected to the water source for your irrigation and control the flow of water to each sprinkler “zone” or section. If you have a five zone system you have five valves.

Quality solenoid valves are built to perform under adverse conditions. They lay quietly in the ground doing their job year after year, covered in dirt and water. As with any equipment that is made up of moving parts, they will eventually wear out and fail.

Sprinkler valves generally fail in one of three ways:

* They will stick open and run 24 hours a day until the water source is turned off.

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*They will constantly leak a small amount of water, known as “weeping”.

*Or they will not turn on at all.

The problem is that after 15-20 years of being out of site and out of mind, when they fail—how do you find them?

The best and easiest way to locate a valve is with a specialized tool called a valve locater. However, these devices are expensive to purchase and generally not for rent. So before you go to the expense of hiring an irrigation contractor to find your malfunctioning valve, here are some places to look:

First, check near your water source. Many homes have their irrigation system connected to their house water (versus connected to a pump). Most city water systems will have an above ground back flow preventer. This is a metal device with handles on it to turn off the sprinkler water without turning off the water to the house. It should be located near where the water from your city meter goes into your house.

After finding the back flow preventer, take a 12″ screwdriver and GENTLY probe a six foot area around the back flow. Take care to probe slowly as to not puncture any pipes. If you hit something solid , probe around this spot six inches in diameter. If you hit anything smaller than that, keep looking.

The next place to look is where the sprinkler timer is located. Check this area in the same way as you probed the back flow area.

Another indicator to determine the location of the valve is to turn on the defective zone and determine which sprinklers pressurize first. The first heads to pressurize are the ones closest to the valve. Obviously, this will not work with valves that will not come on.

Quite often, the valves will not all be placed in a central location. They will be scattered throughout the yard. A very common location is on the corners of the house.

Because your system was probably installed with a walk-behind-trencher, the valves will be at about two feet off of the walls.

Although buried sprinkler valves can be difficult to find without a valve locator, with some patience and a little luck, they can be found.

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