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Educating Yourself In The New Government Health Care Plan


Ethan Kalvin

January not only welcomes the coming year but also it the beginning of healthcare reform changes. Changes, however, aren’t always welcomed as most people are uncomfortable being out of their element especially if they don’t understand how those changes are going to affect them. Many times the changes aren’t bad but not knowing how it effects each individual personally leaves people in an anxious state.

There won’t be many major changes in the health care plan reform in the next two years due to the current political leaders wanting to get re-elected. There are over 100,000 pages of regulatory jargon in the health reform bill but the big stuff will happen in 2014. Most of the present changes aren’t really going to affect the consumer in any negative light. The changes are positive in that there won’t be a cap on your health insurance coverage or limit the ability to get coverage if you have been denied before because of pre-existing conditions. These changes will cause a rise in the health care insurance premium.

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Health care policies for individuals will have the same types of changes as those for employer offered plans. Changes will be diminutive and the cost of the healthcare insurance premiums will rise. Large companies that have over 550 employees must offer health insurance plans to their employees or face a $2,000 fine for each employee. Companies will have to make sure they are following the law or face the fines associated with no complying.

Medicaid would extend coverage to those who have an income less than 133 percent of the federal poverty level. One of the biggest sectors that will feel the change will be those individuals in the Medicare system as this program is scheduled to receive $500 billion in cut in the coming decade. There are concerns as to how this will affect health care coverage for the aged.

The newest and perhaps most interesting change in the health care system comes in the form of exchanges which will help to provide health insurance to those who do not receive health insurance benefits through their employer and those who work in and run small businesses. In the exchange program those who draw an income that is insufficient to pay for health care premiums will be provided with insurance premiums that are more affordable to them allowing for subsidization of health insurance premiums which would hopefully allow people in this sector to be better able to afford their health insurance coverage. Having a better overall understanding of the proposed health care plan and the changes that you can anticipate can help dispel some of the mystery and fears associated with the upcoming changes. Understanding how these proposed changes will affect your life will allow you to better prepare for your future.

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