How To Get Good Credit By Increasing Your Fico Score

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By Joseph Feross

Part of good credit repair is working to increase your FICO score. Your FICO score is also known as your credit score. It is a three digit number that ranges from 300 to 850, with 850 being the highest. This three digit number is what lenders and employers use to determine if you are creditworthy enough to get a loan, credit cards or offers of employment. There are different levels of FICO scores. The levels characterize what group you belong to according to your score.

If your FICO score is excellent, your score range would be from 750 850 is considered excellent, 700 749 very good and 680 689 is considered good. Of course, some of these ranges may vary slightly. However, in order to get within these ranges of scores you have to concentrate on your credit repair. There are several things that make up getting good credit by increasing your FICO score.

When dealing with debt, how much you have is a key factor in your FICO score. The more debt you have, the less favorable your FICO score will be. There are plenty of people that have in excess of $15,000 worth of debt. It is usually a mixture of credit cards, car loans and mortgages. There may be other types of debt associated with it, but for the most part, these three are the ones that people usually acquire debt from. Part of the credit repair process is to determine how much debt you have so you will know how to tackle it.

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Work on paying off the balances of your debt. That includes, credit cards, loans and any other debts that you may have. Part of good credit repair requires that consumers work to get the financial situation looking healthy. This is important because you dont want to be in a rut in the event you suddenly need money. You will then have it available to use. So you should diligently work on paying off every bit of the balances from whatever debt is in your disposal. Get a spending plan together to see where you can save and possibly add more money to pay off your debt. You may have to get a part-time job or start a business on the side.

Another thing that will help you get a good score is to pay your bills and debts off in a timely manner. This is another important part of credit repair that helps to increase your FICO score. Too many people have fallen short on paying on time and not trying to correct the problem. You can contact your creditor and have them put you on a payment plan for the past due amounts. Late payments are also recorded on your credit report. You should list all of your debts and the payment due dates. Incorporate a plan where you pay so much on each one, preferably before the due date. This will definitely help you as you work to improve your credit.

Dont get into anymore debt. Applying for additional credit is not only unwise; it can also affect your FICO score. Your score will decrease because of the inquiries made to your credit. A potential creditor or lender has to check your credit prior to offering a credit card or a loan to you. Effective credit repair includes being disciplined enough not to fill out any more applications for credit.

People have to realize that effective credit repair also includes focus, discipline and patience. If you have a lot of debt, unless you have a lot of money, you will have to use the resources you have to increase your FICO score. It may seem like a long journey, but once you start paying off your debts diligently and faithfully, your FICO will be one to be proud of.

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Forex Trading How To Shave Years Off The Learning Curve To Become A Profitable Trader

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By Peter Lim ,CFP

Here is a true story about a professional forex trader.

Bob Aristide is making a consistent 5 figure income trading forex in the comfort of his own home. It wasn’t that way all the time. He started off like anyone else…and needed time to discover through the trading world of hard knocks to hone his skills. But then losing money is a good teacher. It forces you to face the truth about your trading. You got to sit up, face the facts and the figures, and work out what is going wrong and how you can be successful. That was what Bob Aristide found out early in his forex trading career. It was losing trade after trade, and it wasn’t a good feeling to lose money. Bob wished he could dig a hole and hide his head into the sand like an ostrich.

One day, he summoned enough courage to talk to an old man who seemed to be always celebrating his success in making a killing in the forex markets. Stern though he was, Bob managed to humbly and politely asked him to be his mentor, to teach him what he knew…and of course for a price.

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It really accelerates your learning curve if you have a mentor who can shave off years of experience from your self driven effort to learn the best in forex trading…someone who is willing to show you what indicators to use to identify a trade, where to enter and at what price and when to exit, skills that will allow you to pounce on the best trading setups with the natural reflexes of a cat!

It is very rare to find a professional trader who would be willing to reveal his powerful trading secrets and take you by the hand so that you can duplicate his trading system.

In Bob’s case, he was pleasantly surprised because this old man did accept to be his mentor, and shortly after, Bob was successfully trading on his own. He never had a losing month for the first year after that training.

The morale of this story?

If you are struggling in your trading, be it in stocks or shares or in forex trading, find yourself a mentor and learn from him. This will shave years of your personal learning and add countless powerful tips to your trading arsenal that you can use almost instantly. If you do not have enough experience, tap the experience of others and make it your own. Then you will find success coming your way.

About the Author: Peter Lim is a Certified Financial Planner. If you need a mentor to help you become a successful trader, or to discover powerful professional trading secrets to help you create a 5 figure income trading forex, visit the author’s blog at


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Could Be The Easiest, But Surely The Smartest Way To Save Money On Your Auto Insurance Payments

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By Ed Sneineh

Getting some discounts and savings on car insurance involves that you have little information but some common sense, and little knowledge of finance and insurance matters. You perhaps want to spend some times to study the different points of liability insurance, the expressions of deductibles and exclusions, etc. Perhaps you got mislead when someone informed you that your liability insurance will protect you for towing and rental reimbursement, and possibly it was all miscommunication between you and your broker when your were told that you getting auto insurance discounts because you did not smoke.

When people learn about certain matters they normally save themselves time (which is money), pure money, or frustration, or maybe all the above. For example, with some companies, insuring 6 autos is less costly that insuring 5 autos! How can that be true? If your policy contains 5 automobiles with full coverage on all, and the policy lists 3 adults and 2 youthful operators, adding up a 6th automobile liability only and appointing the 17 year old boy with 1 ticket to that 6th automobile will unquestionably decrease the premiums with the vast majority of insurance companies that permit assignments of operators to automobiles. Keep in mind that if you cross out the 6th automobile later, you may have to pay additional charges to take that automobile off your policy. The previous case is an example of a complex situation which may intrigue many people, including beginners in the insurance business.

Nevertheless there are other circumstances where you do not have to be an insurance specialist to comprehend how simple it is to save money. The next is a setting that is very common in its occurrence with folks buying insurance, every day. The situation entails people with choices to make either full payment or down payment and scheduled monthly payments.

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Situation: Assume that you decided to go ahead with an insurance quote, with a final cash premium of $635.00. Payment Options: The insurance agent asks that you either pay in full or may you put a down payment of $175.00, and then the remaining balance of $460.00 be paid with 4 monthly payments of $123.11, leading to total payments of $667.44; [175+(4X123.11)].

Financial services, including insurance, is one of the highest regulated industries. The state regulatory usually sets restrictions on the maximum charges which consumers will pay for having your premiums paid on monthly or quarterly basis. In Illinois the maximum nominal interest rate that can be charged to a consumer for outstanding balances is 10%. However the law permits for setup charges on the contract, with a maximum setup fees of $40.00 per contract. In the previous examples, the customer is paying $32.44 [$20.00 setup and 12.44 interest] for choosing to schedule monthly payments.

Paying $32.44 may seem an ‘acceptable’ verdict, but when you take in consideration that this amount is paid to ensure a balance of $460.00 for only four months, which makes it comparable to around 41% of the money borrowed, it will make you wonder if you had the correct judgment. What makes things more knotty is the added fees that customers must pay for (1) Being behind schedule dates, (2) Monthly payment contracts being canceled and reinstated (3) Paying more fees for using online/phone payment system by credit cards or check by fax/phone. If you miss a payment, get canceled and reinstated once, and paid once by check by phone you extra charges will be over $15.00. So imagine if you miss that two times, or even three times!!

Making a lump sum payment on your insurance if you can, and you must make an attempt to, pay for it, will certainly save you money, time and stress from seeing late or cancellation notices on your insurance!

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