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byAlma Abell

One of the best ways to ensure your system for Heating in Toledo OH runs well throughout winter is to have pre-season maintenance done on the unit late in summer or early in fall. This will ensure the unit is clean and has no repair issues.

When a repair person performs pre-season maintenance on your unit, he or she will be paying a good deal of attention to how clean the unit is. Since heating systems pull in and send air back out into the home, they can attract a good deal of dirt, hair and other particles. When this dirt is stuck into the heating system, it will cause the unit to work less effectively and efficiently. It may lead to parts breaking down as well. Making sure the unit is clean can prevent these issues.

Often a technician will begin by inspecting the burner on a gas heating system. The burner plays an important role in making sure your system for Heating in Toledo OH is operational. Generally, the condition of the burner can be determined by turning on the unit and examining the condition of the flames as they light up to heat the unit. If flames are blue and steady, the burner is working well. If the flames flicker or are yellow and orange, the burner is most likely dirty and the technician will need to disassemble the unit and clean all the small parts of the unit.

The blower is another component, which should be examined. The blower pulls the air in and then sends it back out once it has been heated. Most blowers are used by both the heater and the air conditioner. This means they can get dirty easily. There is generally an air filter on the unit. It is designed to trap a good portion of the dirt before it moves into the system. The air filter should be checked and changed if necessary. The rest of the unit should be vacuumed to remove remaining dirt.

Keeping your heating system in good repair is essential to ensuring it works well throughout the colder months of winter.