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Moving forward to a nursing career with LPN training is something you have always dreamt about and now you can make that dream a reality. To be a licensed practical nurse, there is a formal training course that is offered by an accredited institution. This allows you to embark on a LPN career as the LPN training in Chicago, IL is for 1 year. When you pass the national exam you will then begin practicing your health care profession. The institution that offers LPN training provides both practice and theory sessions that calls for classroom instructions as well as clinical practice for some hands-on real life experience. The entry qualifications is fairly simple and consists of a high school diploma, minimum of 18 years old, GPA of 2.5 or above, pass a pre-admission examination given by the institute, submit 2 letters of recommendations by colleagues, high school teachers or immediate supervisors, and complete an interview with a job developer from the institute. You must have a keen interest to indulge into the health care field with a heart of compassion to attend to the medical needs of people on a daily basis.

Practical Training

During the LPN training in Chicago, IL the program will prepare you by providing fundamental nursing skills in healthcare for terminal, disabled, convalescent, injured, and sick patients under the instructions of registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, and physicians. Also, during this program you will be trained on recording history and patient information, administering a patient’s physical examination, prepare and administer injections intravenously, administer oral medications, perform vital signs such as respiration and pulse counts, blood pressure readings, and taking temperature, exercising bedside care on a patient, dressing and cleaning surgical wounds, collecting and extracting lab samples, recording patients input and output for monitoring as well as assisting supervising nursing aides and doctors. The LPN program will teach you the necessary skills in the above nursing tasks as these are important skills that contribute to the life and death of a patient.

The Classrooms

The classrooms are small and on an average have 20 students. This guarantees that you will receive the individualized attention you require. It also gives you the opportunity to learn effective group effort skills. There are 2 sessions a year which include a summer session from July – August and a winter session from January – February. Choosing to take a LPN program you have to be serious, dedicated, and a caring person. LPNs are trained to be responsible health care providers because they are workers that need skill trainings as much as basic foundations in information and health care. For more information, visit Aquarius Institute.