Engagement Rings For The Special Day}

Engagement rings for the special day


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Engagement ceremony is one of the most special days in people’s life. The ritual is made more special with the engagement rings that couples present to each other. The ring that denotes a sign of commitment is there to stay for your entire life, and thus it becomes important to have the most precious engagement ring in your hand. During the ancient times, engagement rings were commonly made from iron, as it was broadly available. From these ancient traditions, the present age engagement rings have been further modernized into beautiful pieces. These fine pieces of rings are mainly available in precious metals like silver, gold, white gold, yellow gold and are embellished with splendid diamonds. There are many different styles of engagement rings available today, which include everything from simple plain rings to those of heavily embellished glitzy rings. With the availability of a wide range of styles, you can find rings for all kinds of individual, regardless of their finances and preferences. A lot of people find basic and simple ring as the most desirable choice for engagement ring, but in actual fact, most of the rings are embellished and engraved with jewels. Gold rings with diamonds studs are the most popular choice amongst a large percentage of people. The ring can have one diamond, multiple diamonds, or a solitaire to enhance its charm. Generally, the rings with multiple diamonds are arranged with the bigger stone in the centre with other diamonds and stones encircling it. Rings are available in many different types of stone such as pearl, sapphire, topaz, opal, ruby, garnet, pearl, aquamarine, tanzanite, amethyst, swarovski crystal, emerald, quartz, diamond and many more. Each of them can look beautiful, but the preferences vary from person to person. Nowadays, many couples are also going for platinum rings. Platinum rings costs much higher than the conventional silver and gold rings and thus it does not fit into the price range of a large people. For many women, the most essential thing about engagement rings is not the cost, but the sentiments and emotions behind that ring are the important features. To impress your spouse further, you can get a custom designed ring as per your choice and preference.Today jewellery market is filled with many different varieties of engagement rings

to choose from. Once you have figured out your preference and your budget, then it would not be difficult for you to find the most suitable engagement ring for you partner. It is ultimately your decision, which should be made after sufficient information on various types of engagement rings existing in the market.

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Quality New &Amp; Used Car Trailers Available From Reinhart Trailers In Ontario}

Quality New & Used Car Trailers Available from Reinhart Trailers in Ontario


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Are you moving or just need to safely transport your car to another location? Look no further than the award winning team at Reinhart for your new and used car trailer needs. We offer a variety of name brand products with both open and enclosed environments that will transport your car safely to its new destination. Reinhart currently services the Greater Ontario Area as well as Northern and Southern Ontario and would appreciate the opportunity to showcase our vast product line and exceptional service to you.

For your new car trailer purchase, rely on the outstanding team of professionals at Reinhart Trailers. Were here for you!

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Featuring Featherlite and Alumna Aluminum Car Trailers

Whether youre looking for an open or enclosed car trailer, Featherlite and Alumna can match your needs. The Featherlite 4926 is an enclosed hauler available in 16, 20, 24 and 28 lengths and is 86 wide with 4 s/s D-rings to secure your vehicle safely inside. The wide rear ramp, cable assist and pressure latches ensure easy loading. On the contrary, the freedom of the Featherlite 3110 open car trailer allows for exceptional transport on its 14, 176, or 20 beds with the option of removable fenders for easier loading capacity. The skid resistant floor is ideal for race cars and other recreational vehicles while the swivel D-rings will help hold it securely in place. With the option of 7000 lb. or 9600 lb. GVWR, the possibility for variety of loads is endless.

Alumna car trailers, specifically the Aluma 8200, boast a variety of lengths, coming in at 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22. This reliable aluminum car trailer offers a 17 bed height with stake pockets for easy installation of side walls, front retaining wall and safety chains for added protection. It includes two 6 ramps with storage, removable fenders and a 1200 lb. capacity swivel tongue jack. With the option of 7000 lb. or 9600 lb. GVWR, this piece of high quality equipment is essential for providing the ultimate protection of transporting cars to and from races, car shows, car expos, car exhibitions and more.

And last, but not least, make sure to investigate the featured car trailers for sale in our Car Mate line. Like other brands, Car Mate offers open and enclosed car trailers that will get your automobile where it needs to go. The Car Mate open car trailer is available in a variety of convenient widths and lengths, offering more versatility in your car trailer purchase options. This particular unit is available with wood or steel flooring and features a single or double axel to meet your needs. The Car mate Eagle Car Hauler is a massive unit available in lengths up to 32 and 100 wide. The overall height reaches 102 allowing for maximum usage. This stylish enclosed car trailer features aluminum fenders, hot dipped galvanized cam locks & hardware, exterior grade plywood flooring, line walls and aluminum roof. Its the ultimate in enclosed car trailers.

As you can see, Reinhart takes pride in offering the best selection of new car trailers available. We also have a large selection of used car trailers available in stock that will exceed your hauling expectations while fitting within your budget. Be sure to ask one of our experienced sales team members how we can help you find the best used car trailer to meet your transportation needs.

Explore the variety and quality of new and used car trailers today at Reinhart at our Caledon, Ontario dealership or call Reinhart Trailer Sales at 905-846-1071.

Welcome to Reinhart Trailer Sales

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Quality New & Used Car Trailers Available from Reinhart Trailers in Ontario