Hope Chests Outdated?


Jesse Akre

The chaise lounge used to be found in many Victorian homes and was one of the most popular pieces of furniture in its heyday. While there are still some companies that make chaise lounges, the truth is that this is not a common piece in many homes today. However, the chaise lounge was not strictly relegated to the antique world because it did evolve into the lounger found in most outdoor furniture sets. The hope chest is another furnishing that was once very popular in past generations but has it become outdated in this world of plastic totes and other, less expensive, alternatives?

The traditional purpose of classic hope chests was to serve as a storage bin for valuables a young woman might need when she first got married. Typical items found in antique hope chests might include: bedding, dish sets, linens, and other such items that are typically necessary to start a new home away from the safety and sanctuary of the nest. Today, however, quality-made hope chests are not as popular as they once were but they too, have evolved much like the chaise lounge.

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In the modern home, the hope chest is still made of quality materials such as cherry, cedar, and even pine. Unlike in previous generations, however, premium hope chests are now used more as a decorative storage bin rather than some rite of passage” furnishing. It is quite common to see a hope chest at the end of a bed where it safely stores away bedding supplies and other linens that do not see extensive use.

Modern hope chests also tend to be far more decorative than their predecessors and weigh much less. As for the decorative elements, contemporary chests are commonly used to accentuate the dcor of a space so it is more important for the exterior to be aesthetically complimentary to the other furnishings in the interior design scheme. The weight of modern hope chests has also decreased because of improved manufacturing techniques which cut down on the amount of wood needed to make a chest.

One final adaptation in the evolving saga of premium hope chests is the fact that they are now becoming quite popular with men. Part of this is due to the fact that more and more parents are buying chests for their children to be used throughout their lives. In the beginning years, the hope chest might be a toy box. As the child ages, the uses for the chest evolve with the changing needs of the child. Finally, instead of being used as a container where a woman might save up the supplies she will need to start her own home, both men and women are now taking their precious hope chests along with them when they finally leave for college. So, is the hope chest outdated? Not by a long shot.

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