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Submitted by: Dennis Jarvis

Term life insurance is a great way to address the needs commonly know as “final expenses”. This is inherently different from commonly thought-of uses for life insurance such as income replacement or larger debt payment (such as mortgages). Final Expenses are those associated more or less directly with a person’s death. Term life, in addition to addressing other life insurance needs, is an inexpensive way to deal issues that most people aren’t even aware of. Let’s look a little closer at final expenses and their final solution…term life insurance.

Unless you have been intimately involved in the funeral or passing of a loved one, you may not even know what the term final expenses means. There are many expenses that arise from a person passing away. Some are obvious while others are not. First, let’s at the fact that the last thing you want to deal with during such a tumultuous period are financial issues that arrive. It’s hard enough to just handle the loss without the day to day paying of things. As a benefit for your loved ones, final expense insures that the stress of addressing these financial matters do not overly burden them down.

The obvious and sometimes most expensive final expense is that of the funeral. Regardless of whether it’s a burial, cremation ,or some other service, the cost these days can quickly run 10’s of thousands of dollars. You may have specific requirements (ashes over Golden Gate Bridge). A great way to insure your wishes are respected without putting hardship on your loved ones is to provide for the payment of these expenses with term life insurance. Term life insurance allows them to pay for these expenses without the taxation or risk or creditors that money might attract when it’s not a life insurance benefit.

There can be other bills that are outstanding or small personal debts which term life insurance can pay for in an in-expensive manner. This can be the people that keep your house, yard up to gifts for caregivers that provided care to you.

It is often very expensive for family members and friends to fly or travel last minute to a funeral. How nice would it be to leave an amount through a term life benefit to pay for the travel arrangements of those close to you. Some loved ones may need to take time off from work to help organize and arrange the funeral and all that follows. Part of the term life benefit could be used in this way as well.

Final expenses are unique to each person as they are based on what’s important to you but is important to consider these expenses as a part of your total term life insurance strategy. It’s same to assume $20-50K of coverage just for these expenses. Luckily, term life insurance rates are very inexpensive on the market so the cost of final expenses as part of the total mix of life insurance protection can be dollars per month.

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