Its Not All Inclusive: Plastic Surgery Costs And Prices}

Its not All-Inclusive: Plastic Surgery Costs and Prices


Adam Hefner

Have you saved and saved to have that cosmetic surgery youve been dreaming about for years? Do you know everything that is and is not covered by standard quotes concerning plastic surgery costs and prices? The hidden charges may surprise you.

Frequently, people decide to finance plastic surgery procedures. If you need to get a loan to pay for the procedure, be sure that you are fully aware of the total cost involved. Talk to the surgeon before applying for the loan and try to obtain as accurate an estimate of the total charge as possible.

The majority of prices quoted by plastic surgeons include only the plastic surgeons fee. Most physicians do not add the other costs associated with the surgery in their pricelist. This can cause considerable hardship for patients who do not have medical expertise or training.

The additional costs associated with, but not included, in most price quotes, are staggering. Fees associated with the cost of the operating room, for example, can be as much as $3,000 or more. Furthermore, depending on the type, anesthesia may cost up to $1,000.

This does not include medications associated with the procedure. Most patients receive antibiotics before surgery to prevent infection. In some cases they may also be required to take pain medication or medicine to help decrease swelling after surgery. These costs can add up quickly.

Most surgeons include the cost of the follow-up visit in their fees. Many, however, charge extra for treating any complications that may arise as a result of their procedure. Be sure that you inquire about these when interviewing the physician at the initial visit.

Although it may be tempting to try to save money by finding a surgeon who offers a reduced or discounted fee, this can be risky. Most physicians in a particular geographical area charge very similar fees for cosmetic surgical procedures. Those who advertise exceptional savings may be cutting costs at the risk of your health or safety.

Before you finalize the loan, get an accurate estimate of the expected cost. Because additional, unexpected costs may arise, have additional money on hand to cover unexpected charges. Plastic surgery costs and prices arent usually as clear-cut as they appear to many inexperienced patients. Dont find yourself strapped for cash or maxing out a credit card because of lack of preparation. Be sure you clearly understand exactly what your financial responsibilities are!

Before anything, one should know what the

plastic surgery costs and prices

are. For more, visit

where you’ll find this and much more, including your options with

plastic surgery financing


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Its not All-Inclusive: Plastic Surgery Costs and Prices}

Plastic Surgery: An Advanced And Exciting Area

Plastic Surgery: An Advanced And Exciting Area by Carolyn DoThat surgery is not suggested for small children, and may be prevented in the event the ailments are recognized and treated at an early on age. Success rates for perspective retrieval in kiddies is very large. It’s generally better to simply take advice from experts and authorized health-care services.Besides genetics and aging, lots of people also consider plastic surgery for coping with life modifications, like divorce or perhaps the death of a loved one. Marriage is another contributing life change, whether it’s you or your youngster.Make certain to wash with a specific cleanup treatment and maybe not clubhouse detergent each day and before you go to bed. Ointments are available for every skin type and there is something only for you if you’ve dry or oily skin.The surgery cost could possibly be ranging from US $2,000 to US $10,000, based upon which place the surgery will be performed, and the procedure employed for the same. This cost includes anesthesia fees, research fees, surgeon’s fees and medication charges. But, it should be noted that after the surgery is completed together with some other cosmetic surgery, the costs go much higher.Bone elimination would be needed to re-shape the actual bone composition that produces this appearance, when it comes to seriously deep-set eyes. zygomatic bone, Theoretically, the glabella, and supraorbital form would have to be shaved right down to get rid of the deep-set look and carry the eyes forward. Since this sort of elective surgery is hazardous and the benefit-to-risk ratio is poor, it is rarely performed.Bust enhancement including decrease, lifts, renovation or implants tops the set of the most frequent cosmetic plastic surgery sydney procedures. Breast techniques have experienced a substantial increase in situations during the past few years. While it’s mostly women who’re having breast augmentation surgeries it is not uncommon for men to handle gynecomastia (increased male breast muscle) with breast reduction surgery. Both saline and silicone gel implants are commonly used based on the physicians observations and people inclination. In breast reduction and shaping method, body fat and cells are surgically eliminated while silicone or saline gel is introduced into the implants for breast augmentation.For folks who want look younger but don’t such as the notion of cosmetic surgery, you might be considering other face lift options. Face-lifts without surgery can sometimes include acupuncture face pulls, face raise workouts, botox shots, top development and dermal additives such as for instance Restylane.After producing the incisions, the surplus fatty tissues, as well as muscles are removed surgically from the eyelid. Excess skin is also removed, but only once it’s necessary. As opposed to this method, you can also choose laser eyelid surgery. Laser eyelid surgery generally requires less bleeding and swelling, as compared to the conventional eye lift surgery. Often times, vision elevate is completed in conjunction with facelift surgery, in order to supply the full experience a younger and rejuvenated glance.Buffy Waldo is the name she was given by her parents but she doesn’t like when people use her full name.La happens to be her home. Her friends say it is bad for her but what she loves doing will be to ride horses and she’s trying to make it a profession. For a long time she’s been working as a librarian. She’s operating and keeping a website here: plastic surgery sydneyArticle Source:

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Introducing The Revolutionary Smart Lipo Mpx}

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Introducing the revolutionary Smart lipo MPX


LMA Clinic

Smart lipo MPX is a great advancement in the evolution of laser liposuction, which provides higher absorption of fatty tissue with the same powerful tissue coagulation and skin tightening effect.

Smart lipo MPX is a liposculpting technique to achieve precise results, with less downtime and trauma than are experienced with traditional techniques. Smartlipo MPX relieves the power and energy of two lasers to dissolve stubborn fat while tightening skin.

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The Smartlipo MPX is more effective fat removal with less recovery time, less swelling and bruising. Smartlipo laser at the tip of the cannula will be fired multiple times to break up fat deposits, and then the cannula will be used to suction out the resulting liquid. Recovery time is reduced since there is minimum trauma with the Smart lipo MPX system. After Smartlipo procedure you may be given a compression garment to wear and most of the people are able to return to work within a couple of days of the procedure. Youll see the first results of the procedure within a week or so of your Smartlipo MPX treatment. Your skin and your body will take weeks or even months to accommodate to your new contours. Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi practicing Smart lipo MPX at his private London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic, 1 Harley Street, London says unmatched skin tightening through tissue coagulation is achieved. Smart lipo MPX sculpting results cannot be achieved with conventional liposuction alone.

London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic is one of leading clinics in Smartlipo Laser Liposuction treatment in the UK

London medical & aesthetic clinic is UK’s one of the leading clinics offering a wide range of treatment including


and laser hair removal.

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7 Tips For Choosing The Right Plastic Surgeon}

Submitted by: Jimmy McAfferny

Deciding to pursue cosmetic surgery is often easier than choosing a professional to entrust with your face or body. It’s important to do your research, both before meeting with a prospective doctor and during the all-important initial consultation. This guide will help you select a doctor who prioritizes safety while also delivering the results you want.

Deciding to pursue cosmetic surgery is often easier than choosing a professional to entrust with your face or body. It’s important to do your research, both before meeting with a prospective doctor and during the all-important initial consultation. This guide will help you select a doctor who prioritizes safety while also delivering the results you want.

1. Ask around. If you’re looking for a manicure, the phone book is a good place to start. But your hunt for a cosmetic surgeon shouldn’t start with a flip through the yellow pages. Just as you would with any important decision, begin by asking friends and family members who’ve undergone procedures to recommend their doctor. The Internet is a safe place for people to rave (or slam) services they’ve received, so you’re likely to get honest assessments.

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2. Check certifications. A collection of diplomas on the wall is impressive, but, as the old joke goes: What do you call the person who graduates at the bottom of his medical school class? Doctor. To minimize safety concerns, be sure your physician has been certified by a surgical governing board, which has strict requirements about education and training.

3. Inquire about frequency. Board certified cosmetic surgeons can perform dozens of different types of procedures, but they don’t do all of them every day. In fact, they may not perform some for months or years at a time. And just like any other skill, it’s tough to keep cosmetic surgery skills sharp if they’re allowed to rust for long periods of time. During your initial consultation, when the doctor discusses the procedure and answers any questions you have, find out if he specializes in the type of procedure you’re interested in and how often he performs it. An answer of “daily” isn’t necessarily essential, but you want to hear a number that’s pretty frequent – weekly or at least monthly in most cases.

4. Beware of deals. Cosmetic surgeries are almost always an out-of-pocket expense, and no one wants to spend more than they have to. But when it’s a matter of your appearance (not to mention safety), it simply doesn’t make sense to take a chance on someone offering a cut-rate bargain. You want the best – not a doctor who needs to slash prices to attract clients. Though you’ll be tempted to do a happy dance if your quote is much lower than your research suggests, it’s even more important to be cautious in this case.

5. Be sure she’s keeping it real. The truth is that not everyone is a good candidate for every procedure, and good doctors will tell you that up front. If you get a promise of amazing results before she has examined you, a warning bell should go off in your head. Depending on the type of procedure in question, doctors need to assess things like your bone structure and skin and muscle tone. They also may need to ask questions about your lifestyle, including nutrition and exercise habits. Keeping it real also includes discussing your expectation regarding the outcome of your procedure.

6. Watch out for the downplay. Complications happen even when you’re under the care of the very best surgeon, and any doctor who glosses over possible side effects and complications of your procedure isn’t one you want. It’s natural for patients to want to stick their heads in the sand about the possibility of complications, but you need to hear the good and the bad about potential outcomes. Ethical doctors will lay everything out so you can make an informed decision, rather than downplay what could happen in an effort to get you to sign on the dotted line.

7. Do you get a used car salesman vibe? Your consultation should be a time for discussing the pros and cons of your procedure and overall candidacy. If you’re feeling more pressure than professionalism, walk away. Keep in mind that the conversation should be a two-way street. The physician should welcome your questions about the treatment itself, risks and side effects, her qualifications, and even payment policies.

Cosmetic surgery can help you look and feel better than ever, and a beautiful result begins with a careful search for the right doctor.

About the Author: Are you looking for Elkhart Liposuction? Peers Cosmetic Laser Care has been treating the cosmetic procedure needs of their patients for more than 20 years. Based in North Central Indiana, Peers Cosmetic offers a wide variety of services from botox to liposuction and hair removal to patients looking for world class care. Visit

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The Benefits Of Illinois Plastic Surgery

byAlma Abell

The primary benefit of Illinois plastic surgery is to improve your appearance and is considered the reason for such procedures. However, improvements aren’t the only advantages, so if you’re considering a surgical procedure of a cosmetic nature, you may want to learn more about the benefits to ensure that you make the right decision.

More Self-Confidence

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When you look better, you tend to feel better. Improvements to your appearance can mean increased confidence for many. You may want to try other new things, open up more, be more social, and possibly get more options for promotion at work. While these options aren’t guaranteed, you may find that you are more confident to try, which could lead you to win a new career or taking the plunge on something you’ve wanted to do.

Better Physical Health

Many cosmetic procedures are done primarily to help you look better, but may also improve your health, as well. For example, rhinoplasty can reshape your nose, making it easier to breathe or reducing your sleep apnea problems. Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) may tighten the core muscles and give your stomach definition, but may also improve posture and reduce stress incontinence.

Enhance Your Mental Health

While not a guarantee, many people notice that after Illinois plastic surgery, they are less anxious and depressed. They feel better about themselves, which improves their mood and their ability to take on more responsibility without getting upset.

Keep Weight Off

When you look good, you are going to want to stay that way (and not spend a lot of money on more surgical procedures). Therefore, you may be motivated to keep your weight in check through diet and exercise to keep your new body.

Illinois plastic surgery can be done to improve your appearance and give you more confidence in life. Visit The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery now for more information.

Arthritis: The Cause Of Joint Replacement Surgery

Arthritis: The Cause of Joint Replacement Surgery by Stuart BenWhen searching for the main causes of joint replacement surgery, different types of arthritis come up time and again. If it’s Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid arthritis, these main types of arthritis are the leading causes for joint replacement surgery, mainly hip, knee or wrist. Joint replacement surgery is performed when all other treatments have failed to help the patient and the pain has become intolerable, or he can no longer function normally on a daily basis. Patients reach this situation when the cartilage, which serves as a protective cushioning between two or more bones, becomes damaged and the tissues around the joint become inflamed. With time, the cartilage wears away, allowing the bones to rub against each other.As mentioned, surgery is never the first option in case of joint arthritis. The patient will first be treated with pain medication, physiotherapy or special activity exercises. Only when these are no longer efficient, will the orthopedist bring up the surgical options.The most common type of arthritis that leads to joint replacement surgery is Osteoarthritis. Also known as ‘degenerative arthritis’, osteoarthritis referrers to the degradation of the joints (mainly hip, knee, wrist and spine) and can cause them to swell up, become red, stiffen or become more tender. These symptoms usually appear gradually. Osteoarthritis is caused mainly by the aging process but can also be triggered by injury or obesity.Another main cause for joint replacement surgery is Rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic inflammation disease. This is an auto-immune disease mainly targeting the lining of the joints. This kind of arthritis usually causes stiffness and swelling while the inflamed lining can invade and damage bone and cartilage. It is important to know that people live with arthritis and successfully manage the main with combined types of treatments. When it comes to rheumatoid arthritis, there are even encouraging statistics showing that small numbers of patients go into remission in the first stages of the disease. However, when symptoms start affecting the patient’s day-to-day life and keep him from functioning normally, it is recommended they undergoes surgery.The term ‘Joint Replacement Surgery’ incorporates different types of surgery. The main types include knee and hip replacement but the term also referrers to wrist, ankle, foot, shoulder and elbow replacement surgery. The extent of your surgery will depend on the extent of the problem and severity of the arthritis.In a hip replacement surgery, there is a total hip or partial hip replacement, also known as Hip Resurfacing, in which only part of the joint is replaced. When there is arthritis in the knee, if not severe the orthopedic may suggest a torn meniscus surgery or knee arthroscopy (relatively minor surgeries). If the arthritis is severe, a Partial Knee Replacement operation – also might be the solution. This less invasive knee replacement requires decreased healing time and is considered less painful. The total knee replacement includes the complete removal of the entire cartilage; the partial replacement removes only the damaged area of the cartilage. The rest of the joint replacement surgeries basically have similar options of partial and total joint removal and replacements.When consulting your orthopedic specialist about surgery, it is important to not rush in to the operation without making sure you have tried all other non-surgical treatments, what type of procedure is recommended and why and how will this specific procedure help the problem.For more readings about arthritis and orthopedic surgeries: Orthopedic Surgeries Abroad. For information about different medical treatments, you can visit as us at TicketMed : Medical Tourism.Article Source:

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Bargain Shopping For Cosmetic Surgery Can End Up Costing You More: Tips On Finding The Right Plastic Surgery Procedure And Surgeon}

Bargain-Shopping For Cosmetic Surgery Can End Up Costing You More: Tips On Finding The Right Plastic Surgery Procedure And Surgeon


Dr. Nojan

Reassessing one’s priorities to today’s changed economy means choosing more carefully, according to a highly regarded San Diego cosmetic surgery expert who advises those looking for a cosmetic surgeon to search beyond the best deals and instead opt for training, experience and safety when choosing a plastic surgeon, according to Press Release Newswire.

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While many individuals consider all available plastic surgery procedures including face & neck lift, nose reshaping, liposuction, tummy tuck & body lift following weight loss surgery, and breast augmentation San Diego patients also commonly opt for non-surgical procedures that are proven very effective and affordable.

Highly regarded Eastlake plastic surgeons say there are plenty of ways to look and feel younger through affordable non-surgical treatments while taking time to research and do the homework before jumping into a more permanent change.

With regard even to popular non-surgical treatments such as Botox, Juvederm, Restylane and Laser Hair Removal or Lasers to reduce facial lines & wrinkles, patients need to beware of those who may advertise “too good to be true” fees for surgical and non-surgical procedures, to entice them into something they may not be ready for, financially or emotionally.

As an experienced specialist in popular procedures such as the facelift and tummy tuck San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. Nojan Talebzadeh has repaired thousands of surgeries gone wrong for patients who had originally made their choice based on price and impulse rather than quality and careful consideration. He explains to us that many patients who have undergone a secondary surgery to repair an undesirable result tell him that the first surgeon was only offering a deal if the patient scheduled their surgery the day of their first appointment. For additional information on selecting the right cosmetic surgeon for you, please contact Eastlake Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego, CA.

Dr. Nojan Talebzadeh received his Doctorate of Medicine from University of California, San Francisco and Doctorate in Dental Medicine from Harvard University. Dr. Talebzadeh has delivered various presentations in his field of Cosmetic, Maxillofacial and Reconstructive surgery.For more information please visit :

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Bargain-Shopping For Cosmetic Surgery Can End Up Costing You More: Tips On Finding The Right Plastic Surgery Procedure And Surgeon


Hompath Wildfire Spread Health Like Wildfire}

Submitted by: Mind Technology

Create a healthy harmonious homoeopathic world

India, with its pulsating vibe, is reaching the epitome of Information Technology with health services hand in hand. Homeopathy is no.1 as a medical science in the world, combine the two, and we have the BEST Homeopathic Software in the market Hompath Wildfire, which will help you to spread health like wildfire.


Hompath Wildfire is software for homeopaths who genuinely want to help their patients and relieve them to give a better health. It has a wide range of features which are useful for beginners as well as expert homeopathic practitioners. It helps you not just to get the basics, but to get the whole picture of remedy, complete permutations and combinations, wide range of international, expert and regional repertories.

List of repertories:

Roger Van Zandvoorts Complete Repertory 2011

Robin Murphys Homoeopathic Clinical Repertory

Jan Scholtens Repertory of Elements

Kents Repertory on Homoeopathic Materia Medica

Boenninghausens Therapeutic Pocket Book

Boenninghausen’s Characteristics and Repertory C. M. Boge

Allens Index to Materia Medica

Oscar E. Boerickes Repertory

Clinical Repertory J. H. Clarke

Repertory to the symptoms of Intermittent fever W. A. Allen

Concordance Repertory of Materia Medica (6 Vols.) Gentry

Repertory of Herings Guiding symptoms of our Materia Medica Kne

Repertory to the more Characteristic Symptoms Lippe

Concise repertory of Homoeopathic Medicines Phatak

Sensations as if H. A. Roberts

20 Special and regional repertories including Dr. Ajit Kulkarnis, Dr. Prabhakar Shettys, Asthma Repertory by Dr. Jawahar Shah, etc.

Therapeutic Repertory

Unabridged Dictionary of Sensations (2 Vols.) J. W. Wards

This new work is a compilation of intellectual efforts of last 30 years by Dr. Jawahar Shah and his team. After 6 years of grand success of Hompath M. D. version, have launched an absolutely mind blowing, useful software, with largest database of the world Hompath Wildfire. It has 100s of man years of effort which will help you to create a healthy harmonious homoeopathic world.

At Hompath, we are a dedicated team of doctors and IT professionals providing variety of technical solutions and applications for the health care fraternity for over 3 decades. We have 30,000 satisfied users from more than 87 countries across the world.

The latest version of Hompath Wildfire has largest number of books (1000), highest number of repertories (37), 5000+ Cured cases, 5000+ Articles, more than 2700+ authors, more than 3000 remedies information and 7 decision support systems (expert systems).


The most time-effective module a practitioner would ever seek for. When the patient is giving history, simultaneously, record symptoms from about 36 repertories, see the repertorization while you are recording, and on a click of a button, find the similimum. Isnt it simple, convenient, fast and effective?


A new feature introduced for the first time in homeopathic software. This unique utility provides us with a variety of clinical tips for different remedies and for a number of clinical diagnoses. Now be doubly sure when you prescribe.


Hompath Wildfire makes you rest assured that gaining results for your cases is inevitable. You can learn how our stalwarts and wizards analyzed cases, perceived remedies in patients and prescribed medicines for the so called acute, common, chronic, one sided, difficult or Incurable Cases. The wide array of 5000+ treated cases provided by various experts will boost your knowledge and understanding about their ways of prescribing.


Media is the simplest and the easiest way to add records data in the form of media for a patient, a clinical condition and a remedy. Now you can add pictures, audios, videos and PPTs for your patient along with the case record as evidence, as well as for monitoring patients disease condition.


Homeopathy has been practised differently by different schools of thoughts. They attempted their methods of prescribing in numerous cases and now have evolved to a distinct system of prescribing. Now we at Hompath are offering this decision support systems- expert system to help your patients better. Various expert systems offered are Dr. Prafful Vijayakars -Acute Expert System, Dr. Parinaz Humranwalas -Tempraz Expert System, Jan Scholtens -Element Theory Expert System, Drs. Sehgals -Seigal Expert System and many more.


This is a unique feature consisting of details of 537 allopathic drugs with regards to their Related Group, mode of action, indication, contraindication, adverse effects, route of administration, dosage, brand names.the commonly used ones and much more. This is very useful if homoeopath has to decide if drug can be withdrawn or it can be suddenly stopped or what are the side effects. A wiser step may give faster cure.

Visit for more information:

The ultimate aim of any practitioner is to get better and correct remedy; the latest software can increase the success rate at least 10 times more than what a physician would do without one.

Reasons why students and doctors should opt for this software:

1) We are number 1 homoeopathic software in India and amongst first 3 globally.

2) It has 197000 pages of information with millions of permutations and combinations to find the correct remedy from.

3) It has more than 5000 cured cases which allow you to learn and to fall back upon for reference in difficult and pathologically advanced cases.

4) It has more than 5000 articles which are as old as 1890 and as recent as 2011, so it gives you wide range of experience, knowledge and wisdom of over a century of heritage right across the globe from 2800 authors.

5) It is possible for the physician to type the symptoms while the patient is giving history and immediately see the result.

6) It has incorporated the latest research provings and findings of new and old remedies which makes it the biggest encyclopedia of the highest level of work of integrity which can transform the practice of any individual or a group.

7) It can have a beautiful case record which can take the direct symptoms from 16 different languages and can work out a case, this would save at least 2 hours of time of a senior practioner for every new case.

8) It has latest Roger Van Zandvoorts Complete Repertory 2011 (CR2011) and Robin Murphys Homoeopathic Clinical Repertory which makes finding a perfect similimum easy.

9) It has got expert systems which have been developed based on 1000s of cases experienced by masters like Kent, Boeninghausen, Boger, Sehgal, Parinaz, Vijayakar and Scholten. These decision support systems give us a chance to view the same case differently and allow us to prescribe a correct medicine which can help 1000s of patients.

10) Number of new books are added from Roger Van Zandvoort, Robin Murphy, Jan Scholten, Dr. Parinaz Humranwala, Dr. Ajit Kulkarni, Dr. Rajan Shankaran, Dr. Prabhakar Shetty, Dr. Prafull Vijayakar, Dr. Chetna Shukla and complete works of Institute of Clinical Research (ICR), Drs. Sehgal Brothers and many more are now part of the new version.

11) Simplified global search.

12) Instant access to 1000s of themes and cross references for similar rubrics.

13) Complete classification information and source of more than 3000 remedies is available in the software.

14) All features in a single screen.

15) Comparing 2 or more remedies instantly.

16) Use of latest in technology with features like text to speech so a doctor can sit back, relax and learn new medicines.

17) You can add audio, video, multimedia as and when required to compare before treatment and after treatment results.

18) This version can be connected directly with reporting systems so that headquarters can have every details and report instantaneously.

19) The software can be connected with hospital management system (HMS), Multi Clinic Management System (MCMS) and web based clinic which makes it most versatile user friendly software of the world.

20) ICD 10 data incorporated.

21) We have many version based on your need and budget

Advantages of Hompath version:

1. Largest Number of Institutional User.

2. Largest Number of Installations in CCH, CCRH, Colleges, IIT, NTPC, Research Units.

3. Compilation of largest number of Materia Medica and library books in single software.

4. Largest Number of articles.

5. Largest Number of Clinical Cases.

6. Focus of software has been on results and patients by providing quickest repertorization and results.

7. Unmatched features and functionalities.

8. We have excellent dual language (Hindi & English) for northern belt of India, and soon we are going to come out in 12 different national and international languages.

9. Most user friendly software most of the operations are from one screen.

10. Training manuals and videos for each module.

11. Constant guidance in installation, training and support.

12. Online Support

13. A great support and training is also provided to your assistants so that you have utilization of the software.

14. The most progressive and innovative software.

15. We have a good-will of 30 years and we provide support and understand your requirements and modified / create software as per your needs.

16. Immediate Delivery.

After years of dedication and hard work, we have come up with extensive and almost infinite homeopathic software which will take your practice to unexplored heights.

About the Author: It is a Homeopathic software Provider to a complete IT Solutions Company delivering high quality Homeopathy Software Products like Hompath WildFire, Hompath PurpleRock, etc. Visit:


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