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byAlma Abell

Though living independently may be important as you age, staying safe is of utmost importance. Sometimes, seniors may need some assistance with their daily needs so that they can continue to live independently. Luckily, with an Assisted Living Facility in Omaha, it is possible to have both – independence and assistance. For many seniors, giving up their independence to live in a nursing home or moving in with family isn’t an choice they are willing to make. For them, an assisted living facility can give them the best of both worlds. Help is available for the tasks that are too difficult, yet they have the freedom to come and go as they please and enjoy a myriad of daily activities to keep them engaged and social.

For those who find the daily tasks of cooking, medication management or driving to medical appointments or shopping difficult, you could look here, at an assisted living facility, for the answer to your needs. Here you can live independently, come and go as you please, yet have no worries of meals, house cleaning, laundry or security. There is always someone to tend to any of your needs that arise.

These facilities cater to the seniors who enjoy activities and independence. Most offer various trips and outings to the local malls, grocery stores, local activities and cultural events. Transportation is also provided for medical care, as needed. The Assisted Living Facility in Omaha also offers many different daily activities, classes and groups to keep the active senior entertained. Most offer computer classes, book clubs, arts and crafts classes, Bingo nights, and exercise classes. Many offer movie nights and ice cream socials too. There is usually something going on every day of the week.

When seniors are still at home, but start to have trouble with daily tasks, they may tend to do without. They may skimp on eating because it’s too difficult to get to the store or to cook. They may spend days and weeks alone in isolation, with only a television for company, and miss medication due to confusion. This doesn’t have to be. An assisted living facility will give them back the independence they crave along with the safety and security they need.