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Laura Taff

So, you want to get ranked high in the search engines, huh? Of course you do, everyone who has built a web site needs high search engine rankings for visitors to find their site. Though there are many things you can do to your web pages to get good rankings at no cost, there are certain tools that will help you get ranked at the top of the natural listings very quickly. This means you’ll be generating income while others are still stuck waiting for their sites to show up in the listings. This article will go over the top web programs that assist you in getting the search engine rankings you desire.

To begin, we’ll talk about keyword phrases. Perhaps a woman would like to find the latest fashion trends in clothing and is hoping to find some great items from her favorite stores at a discounted price online. In this situation, she would most likely go to a search engine like Google and type in “sale clothing for women” in the search box. Google will then give her a listing of all the web sites that offer sale clothing for women. They usually have paid advertisements at the top, and then give the natural or “organic” listings next. You can do the pay per click advertisements you see at the top there, but that is not covered in this article. The natural listings are very important and studies have shown that human eyes will tend to look at those before they look at the paid advertisements. For this reason, it is imperative that you are in at least the top three natural listings, and better yet the very top. In this example if you sold or advertised women’s clothing at a discounted price, you would want to be in that top listing so this particular woman would find your site, click on it, and press that “buy now” button.

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From the above example you could certainly see why it would be so vitally important that you have the right keyword phrases optimized on your web site. We’ll get to optimizing your web pages in the next section of this article, but for now, let’s talk about how to find the right keyword phrases. You can go to Google and type in Google Keywords to get to their keywords help tool. If you sell or advertise women’s clothing at a discount, you would want to type in a phrase such as “discount women’s clothing” in the search tool. It will show you how many people have searched for that exact phrase in the last thirty days. If you type in a phrase that doesn’t at least get a thousand hits per month (it can be a little more or a little less) you don’t want to waste your time with that keyword phrase. Once you find one that will work, you’ll type that phrase in quotes in the regular Google box. This will show you how many other web sites are utilizing that same phrase, or in other words, what your competition is. If there are more than six thousand other web sites using that same phrase, you might want to move on to another phrase that could work just as well.

If you are finding yourself still confused, please don’t worry. There is too much information on keywords to fit it into one article. The whys and hows of picking the right phrase are very particular, but there is help. You can absolutely dominate the search engines, niche marketing, and even pay per clicks with a very successful tool that helps you find the right keyword phrases. For a one-time investment, you’ll have complete access to this tool forever and be able to utilize it again and again for every web page you ever create. Article directories won’t let you give straight links to these tools because they re-direct you, but at the end of this article there is a link to the page that contains the link to this tool. Just two clicks and you’ll be able to find all the information you need for dominating the web for your keywords. Next we’ll move on to SEO. That’s an abbreviation for search engine optimization, which goes hand in hand with the keyword phrases you choose.

When you optimize your website pages, you add key pieces of information to the Meta tags on them. Your Meta tags will be “crawled” by Google and others to obtain the information that helps them to evaluate what your site is about and how important it is compared to similar sites. For no cost whatsoever, you can add these Meta tags beginning with your keyword phrase. You will add a title, description, and keywords Meta tag. If you don’t know anything about Meta tags, look in the help section of the program you used to create your web site, or type in a search on Google to find out more. Each Meta tag should start with the keyword phrase you have chosen. Hopefully you’ve picked it by using the software program mentioned above so it will be fool proof.

Your title tag will simply be your keyword phrase. Your description tag should start with your chosen phrase, but add more detailed information. Your keywords tag should again start with your particular phrase, but this phrase should be in the content of your page, and then simply add some more keywords from the content on your pages. (By the way, lots of great related content on your page will help. Make sure your page has a lot of words on it rather than just a short description of your product.) That is optimizing in a nut shell. But there is so much more to it. And yes, there is a tool for optimizing as well. Again, you’ll put in a one-time investment (rather than paying a monthly fee like some programs) and have access to dominating the search engines guaranteed. It doesn’t cost anything to click on the links and just find out more, so you really ought to find out why I think these tools will help you more than any other product out there.

Good luck with your web site! I sincerely hope you find the best tools to help you generate a fabulous income very quickly.

By: Laura Taff

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