Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A new shopping center in Washington, United States called Lakewood Crossing is planning on building and opening new stores. It was opened on September 21, 2006 with the opening of the Marysville, Washington Costco. The mall has still been in the planning stages since 2005. The developer is Powell Development from Kirkland, Washington and the mall is located in North Lakewood, Washington.

There are more than 17 stores and more are being built. A Marshalls, Boston’s Gourmet Pizza, Mongolian Grill, Discount Tire, and others are yet to open. The Washington State Department of Transportation say this could cause more traffic problems. The intersection of Washington State Route 531 and 27th Avenue (only way in and out) is “crowded and tight”. Twin Lakes is now inaccessible because of the traffic.

Plans to redo the traffic are coming soon. They plan to open a loop ramp on the interchange of Washington State Route 531 and Interstate 5 in 2009. Twin Lakes Avenue NE will be extended and a freeway ramp will be added soon, along with a bridge across Interstate 5.