Classical Styling With Roman Blinds

Submitted by: Terry Henman

In terms of pure opulence and theatre there is nothing that comes close to the classical or Greek look. Made up of huge columns, rich fabrics and minutely details sculptures and statues that tell stories of Gods and heroes, this hugely imitated style is a difficult one to pull off in a three bedroom semi- although this doesn t deter some. Doric columns set around the front doors of British homes are an all too common crime against home decorating. Although it is understandable that people would take influence from such a wonderful period, the misinterpretation comes in the loss of original proportions. You see nothing was ever a certain size or shape by accident, everything was painstakingly calculated so that buildings might be as close to perfect as possible.

To achieve a look that obviously draws influence from the classical period without your appearing overly themed, all that is needed is the application of the following steps. Firstly choose a light and natural colour for your walls. This will ape the sun faded effect of Mediterranean walls without resorting to the dated practice rag rolling or other similar paint effects. Secondly add some subtle ornamentation like vases with flowers, granite statuettes or ornate frames. Keep the size of these ornament in proportion to your rooms though, do not overpower them- you want your rooms to appear large and airy not overcrowded. Lastly and most importantly refrain from removing the glass from your windows in a courageous bid for realism and instead choose a relevant window surround such as Roman blinds. By having your key classical feature at your windows, you now have license to use it numerous times without being guilty of milking it- clever you.

Unlike stone columns, and Grecian statues, Roman blinds are inexpensive and easily installed within minutes. Made up simply of a length of fabric which contains a number of interspaced, horizontal, wooden poles they come in a huge range of styles and patterns.


It is not only fans of the classical style who will love the effect Roman Blinds can have on a room. Modern and minimal homes benefit from their simple styling and strong linear effect.

Roman blinds are perfect for windows of any shape and size a the fabric and the poles and easily be altered in situ to get a perfect fit. Over large areas of glass it is preferable to use not just one but numerous Roman blinds side by side. This allows greater manipulation of light over a space and on a purely decorative level, echoes the natural linear pattern of the blinds themselves.

A really beautiful addition to any home and guaranteed to compliment almost any scheme, Roman blinds have stood the test of time over many, many years. Their simple elegance has ensured that they continue to be just as popular today as when they were first conceived.

Whatever colour scheme you use in your home there is a plain or patterned Roman blind available to coordinate or contrast with it perfectly.

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