“Pure Wood Pulp” Paper Napkin Hidden Mystery

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“Pure Wood Pulp” Paper Napkin Hidden Mystery



Experts point out that some “pure wood pulp” is actually recycled paper napkins may be added as a fluorescent agent, talc.

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Newspaper has reported a burning layer of butter, toilet paper is the additive result of suspicion, the reporter learned yesterday, after the quality supervision department of Mocha, the market most of the tissue with fluorescent agents are due to the state of the fluorescent agent is not toilet paper the detailed requirements not for investigation. Press survey found that, in addition to toilet paper, the Zhijin Zhi (including facial tissue, napkins, etc.) the situation also exists to add fluorescent agent, and some tissue paper raw material is labeled “100% pure wood pulp” is actually recycled paper. Experts point out that the present paper Zhijin Zhi areas not included in the food, so it did not implement QS access, but often used Cazui Zhijin Zhi, fluorescent agents, talc and other additives may be eat, and even some small restaurants use toilet paper as napkins. Reporter experiments: the same layer of butter paper napkin Collection of four journalists in the market restaurant napkins, including three fast-food chains. Journalists will be a clean napkin on the plate were burning, the result was to leave a layer of sticky butter, one of Hong Kong-style restaurant in a collection of the best butter yellow napkins. In appearance, the restaurant’s most rough paper. Subsequently, the reporters from the supermarkets and wholesale markets to buy in bulk no brand napkins and four brands of napkins, the experimental results are all left burning butter. One marked “non-fluorescent agent” of a famous paper napkin, the same butter residue. Takeout restaurant with a reporter and got burned for a one-time burn tissue and found that in addition to leaving a layer of butter, the remaining ash or gray. Market Research: 9 cents of the best selling 100 pumping This reporter has learned that many of the restaurants offer wholesale napkin is in the wholesale market, which went mainly transparent napkins in bulk packaging. Hotel supplies wholesale markets in the south, there are a number of supply napkins, drawing paper stalls. A market stall, stall, told reporters that the best selling tissues transparent packaging, “the 9 cents a pack, a pack of 100 pumping, durable and cheap, many people have dozens of pieces to getting goods.” The reporter saw that these tissues have a rectangular square, packaging is transparent, there is no brand name, the stall has only said it was “high tissue”, manufacturers do not know, “You can rub to try, not scared of . “Reporter asked what is made of paper, the stall said, is” wood pulp do. ” “9 cents a pack that is the wood pulp paper,” another stall, a stall of Mr Wong said, in fact, pure wood pulp and wood pulp have divided the original wood pulp, wood pulp may be recycled paper, virgin pulp is the primary paper. Expert Viewpoint: the dregs water broken hair loss, should not use this type of napkin. General Director of the International Association of Lion food packaging, told reporters that “pure wood pulp” is actually recycled paper (recycled paper), according to state regulations, recycled paper napkins, etc. can not be used for the production of Zhijin Zhi. Dong Lion said, often mixed with paper mill production, toilet paper, Zhijin Zhi, and even office paper will be produced, because toilet paper is to allow the use of recovered paper as raw material, so there will be a recycled paper mill, which gives control difficult. Dong Lion said, with recycling of paper towels, not enough to often use more white fluorescent whitening agent whitening, but also often due to uneven recycled paper fiber, will be used talcum powder. “If feels there is post-burn tissue granular, pale, is likely to be talcum powder,” said Dong Lion, talc is mineral, eat more gallstones, and paper towels are often made use of industrial talc, contain lead, cadmium and other heavy metals. Not to mention the harm FWA, easy on the nervous system, blood system to produce damage, if there is a wound, tissue paper containing fluorescent agent will Cazui bleeding and even infection. But the Lion said Dong, talcum powder; fluorescent whitening agent did not prohibit the use of national standards. “This is a blind spot monitoring, national standards are often not listed in the prohibited substances, which easily allow enterprises to be abused and lead enterprises to use the thing should not be used, but also experience with the national standard tests do not come out.” Directors further noted that the Golden Lion for food paper, adding fluorescent brighteners are prohibited, but often in contact with the human mouth as food Zhijin Zhi has been no paper, so it has not been implemented QS access. “I suggest that you minimize the use of napkins, or bring their own,” Dong said the Golden Lion, and some restaurants now use toilet paper to the guests to use as napkins, toilet paper requirements lower. In general, the water burst hair loss dregs of the napkin unqualified, unfit for use.

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