Location Based Perspective To Business Intelligence

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By Adrianna Noton

Location-based Business Intelligence adds a spatial perspective to business data analysis and decision making. Today, every enterprise and organization will benefit from leveraging business intelligence solutions, particularly location based intelligence solutions. Enterprise businesses are now realizing that if addresses are properly managed and utilized, their addresses can essentially improve the outcome of their organizations. Location based intelligence allows businesses and organizations to leverage location based data for a more insightful view when identifying market opportunities, managing company assets, profiling customers, as well as assessing their competitors.

Today, there are a number of business problems and requirements that can be better addressed by leveraging location based information. With innovative web hosting technologies such as the cloud becoming dominant technologies being embraced by more enterprise, organizations now have access to location based business intelligence solutions that are available through cloud platform such as Software as a Service (SaaS) and hosted in the cloud through Microsoft’s cloud services platform, Windows Azure. The benefit of such a business intelligence service solutions is enterprise and organizations are able to streamline operational efficiencies, reduce risk, boost wallet share by targeted marketing, and reduce fraud.

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With location intelligence solutions, enterprise and organizations now have leading software solutions that are intelligent enough to manage addresses in any format. Leading location software that will best benefit an organization will include first-rate address recognition and address geocoding web services. By choosing location based intelligence solutions that includes address recognition and address geocoding web services, users will be able to correct, standardize, and confirm addresses that do exist, could exist or don’t exist. By utilizing address geocoding, users can visualize a legitimate and validated customers rooftop address while also geocoding to places, streets, intersections, and Postal Codes OM with the best level of accuracy from a premier location database.

When organizations enlist the expert services of a location intelligence solutions company, they will be provided with the tools they need to make their company more efficient and more effective. Having access to real-time updates of rich, reliable, robust and location content is a key benefit of leveraging the services of a location intelligence solutions provider. Using a nationally sourced geospatial database created and corroborated against thousands of data sources of government and private sector partnerships, a database contains array of not just addresses but also address related content such as contact and business names, address information, street information, distinct address ID and related phone, and more.

Location intelligence allows users analyze demographic and other map-based data to improve traditional business intelligence capabilities. Location based intelligence solutions opens the door to all levels of business, and provides enterprises with the essential tools they need to make their business more effective, more efficient, and basically more intelligent. Location intelligence solutions companies provide industry leading enterprise location intelligence solutions for companies and government agencies. Such a location platform uniquely identifies, validates, and maintains a world of location-based data. When addressing risk and opportunity across your enterprise, location based intelligence is a valuable enterprise solution.

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