Home Equity Loans Vs Home Equity Line Of Credit Which Option Should You Choose?

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By Carrie Reeder

Tapping into your home equity loans qualifies you for low rates with the potential benefit of tax write offs. Lenders have developed a number of financing solutions for you, each with their own pros and cons. Home equity loans provide low rates with some closing costs. On the other hand, a home equity line of credit waives closing costs and application fees for flexible lending amounts at slightly higher rates.

Benefits Of A Home Equity Loan

For those wanting to borrow a large amount for several years, a home equity loan provides the cheapest financing. By paying closing costs, you can lock in a low fixed or adjustable rate. You also can select terms that help you get you a reasonable monthly payment.

Home equity loans usually dont have any limit balances, early payment, or annual fees. Structured like a regular mortgages, interest is primarily paid at the beginning of the loan period.

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Benefits Of A Home Equity Line Of Credit

With a home equity line of credit you can borrow amounts when you need to with an issued credit card. With a predetermined credit limit, you have flexibility of when you can draw on funds. So you can pay off the balance one month, and then borrow a thousand the next.

Interest is only paid on the amount you borrow. Usually, the minimum payment is only the interest charged for that month. Most lenders also offer the option of converting your line of credit into a second mortgage when you are ready to make regular payments.

A line of credit doesnt usually have any application fees. But there may be fees for carry a minimum balance or closing the account early.

Choosing The Right Equity Financing

Home equity loans are designed for large lump sum payments, used to pay off credit card debt or pay for a remodel project. Terms extend for several years to make the loan payments manageable.

Home equity line of credit is best for short term financing. Interest payments can be kept to a minimum by paying off balances early. Opening a line of credit also gives you the option of available credit without having to pay large applications fees.

No matter which type of financing you settle on, make sure you compare several lenders to get the best deal on rates and fees.

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