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In recent days, online games are being highlighted as the new way of learning and teaching activity for kids. However, not most people agree with this system. The main issue is that Internet is not regulated for its content and its harmful for people who are not adults thereby needs proper guidance of parents.

Parents can advise same kind of games to their kids. Just one search in Google will give you thousands of options of websites that can be comprehensive, enjoyable, and helpful in learning. Parents can motivate their child and help them in finding some interesting ways to improve their kids knowledge.

Educational games for kids are literally everywhere. World flag game is the most useful of all. Flags can help a child to cover all geography problems facing since before. As a teacher, one can find different funny and interactive ways to teach kids in class. Most of the teachers in this new era, believes in same kind of new strategies for teaching students.

One can be genius and have sufficient knowledge about big countries but you probably dont know many of them. It makes an exciting game and playing it with friends can culminate in a big battle.

Some of the interesting facts about world flags:

Most common color in whole world countries flags is red trialed by white and blue. Where red is 74 per, blue 70 per and white 50 per.

Theres only one flag in the world that consists of just one solid color – the flag of Libya is solid green with no other signs or symbols on it.

There are three color combinations that are used on several flags in certain regions. Red, white and blue are widespread amongst European and Western nations, including France, Great Britain, Australia and the United States of America.

Flags containing red, white and black can be found particularly amongst Arab nations such as Iraq, Yemen and Egypt.

What does flag colors stand for?

White color – symbol of peace and honesty

Red color in flag represents bravery, strength and valor.

Blue color facts – symbolize vigilance, truth and loyalty, perseverance & justice

Green color facts – hope, joy and love and in many cultures have a sacred significance

Black color – determination and often reflects the ethnic heritage of the people

Yellow color represents liberality and kindness.

Did you know that Mozambique’s flag has an figure of AK47 on it? This is Avtomat Kalashnikova # 47. And there are at least eight more countries have similar weapons on their flags.

These Facts and information is just an example to show you how much knowledge and information your child can get by taking interest in world map and world flags game. My son is learning. I didn’t instruct him. I didn’t force him to play either. He is a bright student and flags game insists him to complete all flags which are making him strong in world map and geography knowledge. For bettering a child’s sense of track, these kinds of game are ideal for a younger child.

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