byAlma Abell

Corporate events are used for many reasons; they can draw attention to the company and its products, they can be used to reward employees, or they can be used to bring corporate officials together that have a common goal. Whatever the reason, these events will include food and beverages, and the Chicago corporate caterer you choose can have a big impact on the success of the event.

It all starts with the budget:

Long before any steps are taken, the budget for the event must be established. Consider the costs associated with the event venue, catering, décor, entertainment, etc. Once you have your budget, you can then look into your options.

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The number of attendees:

The number of guests may have an impact on the caterer. Some catering companies specialize in small, intimate events; others focus on providing services for large groups. Without a reasonably good estimate of how many attendees there will be, it can be difficult to decide which Chicago corporate caterer is best suited. The headcount does not have to be exact, but it should be reasonably close.

Food options:

The food served at corporate events can be predictable and boring; same old chicken dishes with a few hors-d’oeuvres seem to be “de rigueur.” The best Chicago corporate caterer will design a menu suitable for the event and the attendees. The right caterer can comfortably deal with any event, regardless of the menu and approach to serving.

Is a bar in order?

A bar is not necessarily appropriate for all events. If the objective of the event is to focus hard on issues of the day, a bar may not be the best idea. On the other hand, if you are giving a holiday party, for example, a bar will be most welcome. An experienced Chicago corporate caterer can usually offer a little insight as to what is best.

Experienced corporate caterers will impress your guests with menu choice and service as well as the look and feel of the venue.

A Chicago corporate caterer must be prepared to provide you with what is expected, regardless of whether it is a meeting of business unit CEOs or a party for the staff. Contact Food For Thought, the managing group for 19 EAST.