9 Fabulous Father’s Day Gift Ideas}

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Socks…not again, a book….no he has his i-pad. How about some shop bought cufflinks…nah, then a recipe book – nah, you tried that last year and are still waiting for your very own Jamie’s supper!

How about a new set of golf clubs, an Aston Martin or a weekend away with the boys in Las Vegas. Now you’re talking! This all sounds great, but do we really want to give these as gifts and are they really gifts from the heart?

We have a good solution, a gift that captures the very essence of what Fathers Day is meant to be about. A gift truly from the children and emotionally valuable and something that a Dad can treasure for many years to come.

Did you know that of the 7 billion or so people in the world, no two people will have exactly the same fingerprint, pretty cool huh? Now as Dad had a big part to play in creating his children’s miracle fingerprints, how can this be treasured?

Imagine Dad having his children’s fingerprints with him wherever he is, because let’s face it, it is difficult for Dads to see as much of their children nowadays. He has to attend business trips, late meetings, Barcelona’s crunch match and of course, he may have to see a man about a dog!

Joulberry’s new and exclusive diverse designs, including fingerprint jewellery celebrate Fathers Day and what being a Dad is all about.

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For the Extreme Sports Dad: An exclusive leather cuff incorporating one or two fingerprints with names, along with a secret message on the inside of the cuff.

For the Business Dad: A pair of solid silver cufflinks featuring the finger prints of one, two, three or even four children along with the kids initials and even a short message to Dad.

For the Army Dad: A Fingerprint Tag attached to a solid sterling silver ball chain or a chunky silver fingerprint keyring… always with him.

For the Metro Dad: Personalised Leather Scroll Bracelet, featuring the Joulberry signature secret scroll, which can be hand stamped with the kids’ chosen wording, so they can tell Dad how much they love him.

For the Bohemian Dad: Lush Fingerprint Nugget on Leather featuring one or two fingerprints.

For the jewellery sceptic: Precious Fingerprint Key ring… so he never looses his Keys again…

For the Art loving Dad: Artwork key ring featuring the actual miniaturised drawing of his little Picasso.

For the New Dad: Fingerprint Cufflinks featuring the miniaturised hand and footprints of his new addition to the family.

For the Dad to be: Personalised silver ring featuring the longitude and latitude coordinates of the place bump was made:-)

What do you give to the man who has everything?

Joulberry is a boutique specialist in making beautiful handmade jewellery. In this short article we wanted to provide some gift ideas from our range of men’s jewellery. We took the approach that each personality will probably like a different piece – do you agree? If you would like to know more about us please visit our site at Joulberry.com

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